New Myrtle Beach hotel development to resume work after temporary ‘Stop Work Order’

Work is set to resume on the new Residence Inn Marriott at 26th Avenue South in Myrtle Beach after a ‘Stop Work Order’ was issued for the site on Thursday.

The order, which was issued after site plans showed that the development would exceed 139 feet, a violation of the Federal Aviation Administrations’ (FAA) federal code and regulation, was reversed Friday afternoon.

The FAA rules that 139 feet is “the maximum that doesn’t require a ‘no hazard’ finding” for aircraft, according to Myrtle Beach spokesperson Mark Kruea.

With the approval from the FAA, a development can exceed that height.

“The building official finds that FAA approval is necessary and required information in order for the permit to remain valid,” the ‘Stop Work Order’ states.

According to Kruea, the developer agreed that the height cannot exceed 139 feet until receiving FAA approval, reversing the order.

“The FAA’s public comment period runs until mid-September, but the contractor doesn’t expect to reach that height (139 feet) until November,” Kruea said. “The developer awaits the FAA’s ultimate decision. Until then, construction can resume, up to the 139-foot level.”

Megan Tomasic: 843-626-0343, @MeganTomasic