Mike’s Minis packs big taste

By Emily Smith

For The Sun News

A former food trailer retired its wheels and settled down in a lot in North Myrtle Beach. Now other wheels gladly make the trek to Mike’s Minis for a taste of hand-patted burgers and New York style hotdogs. Owned and operated by Mike, a Navy Veteran, and his wife Eileen, this duo continues to cook great food out of the trailer which is now part of a small but cheerful building.

With more seats outdoors than indoors, Mike’s Minis, 3201 Highway 17, North Myrtle Beach, retains the casual and relaxed vibe of its origins. That being said, the premises are well kept and clean although customers eating al fresco may need to keep a close eye on the napkins. But with the wind blowing and the tinkling of chimes in the background, it’s hard not to feel relaxed.

Occasionally regulars show up to enjoy their favorite meal on the porch accompanied by a four legged friend, though other diners are warned before joined. Other customers are popping in and out for some food on the go, so this tiny eatery always seems to have something to do.

The size of the menu reflects the size of the restaurant, which makes sense given Mike’s origins. It does, however, quickly become evident that quality is valued over quantity here. They don’t skimp out on meal sizes, so both these things together make their prices all the more agreeable.

Fittingly, Mike’s specialty is their mini hotdogs that come smothered in homemade chili, onions, and mustard. At a dollar a pop, these little guys are worth trying, but of course customers can always order the full size dog.

If guests aren’t talking about the hotdogs or the Alaskan Fish Fry that comes topped with homemade relish or tartar sauce, then they’re going to be talking about the burgers. A burger with the works is a steak patty covered in mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, and cheese.

Lunch platters include this impressive sandwich plus fries and a drink, but customers can also order a burger on its own. Other meals include the pulled pork plate, the shrimp basket, and the seafood platter, which naturally are two of the more expensive meals. If you don’t want fries, Mike’s also serves onion rings and delicious hushpuppies that come with a honey butter cinnamon sauce.

To top off an already great place, guests of age can order from a mini selection of beer and wine. The hardworking duo also hope to add a second register at the trailer window sometime soon to keep the crowd inside small and the wait time down during busy hours.

There is nothing mini when it comes to the quality of food and atmosphere at Mike’s Minis. It’s the way a burger joint is meant to be, and even if it was still on wheels, doubtless there would be fans who would trail behind, following their every move.

If You Eat

What | Mike’s Minis

Where | 3201 Highway 17, North Myrtle Beach

Hours | 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily

Information | facebook.com/mikes-minis, 843-663-3360