Bear spotted near local golf course

This bear was seen at Barefoot Resort and Golf Tuesday.
This bear was seen at Barefoot Resort and Golf Tuesday. Barefoot Resort and Golf

Golfers got a surprise visit from a bear at Barefoot Resort and Golf in North Myrtle Beach Tuesday.

The resort posted a picture on Facebook of the bear on the golf course, and apparently, it’s a pretty common occurrence.

“It usually happens, we normally get a bear that comes out on the course at least once every month or so,” said Travis Cedzidol, an assistant golf professional at the resort.

Cedzidol said no one was called to respond to the bear sighting and that it wasn’t aggressive.

Wildlife control specialist Russell Cavender, also known as “Snake Chaser”, said he believes the reason why bears venture on the golf course so often is because of its location.

“It’s a golf course that was planted in the middle of a forest, and there was a huge fire several years ago,” Cavender said. “That fire burned most of their habitat so they probably moved away from the burn zone.”

Cavender also said that the springtime weather could play a role in the visits as well.

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