Three evacuation zone questions answered by Horry County

The Sun News reached out to Lisa Bourcier, spokeswoman for Horry County, to get a quick three-question run down for those who live in areas that are under evacuation or will be.

TSN: If I live in an evacuated zone and I need to leave the zone for groceries, can I get back in?

Lisa Bourcier: Law enforcement will work with residents as best they can, but the idea is to evacuate to a safer location.

TSN: Also, if I live in a zone and I want food delivered to my home, can I get food delivered?

LB: No

TSN: Also, if someone wants to get a closer look at the storm coming to the beach but do not have an ID for that zone, can they go there?

LB: No

So, if you’re hungry, go grocery shopping soon. Don’t order delivery if you’re in an evacuation zone and do not try to catch a glimpse of the ocean in an evacuation zone.