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New face at CCAR looking to shape the news

The Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors has a new employee who hopes to shape the area’s housing news.

Angela Fabbri has been hired as the group’s new director of marketing and communications.

Fabbri, 34, says her only experience with real estate until she took her new job a week ago was as the not-so-happy seller of her family’s Chicago home when they moved to Pawleys Island about four years ago.

Fabbri said she and her husband Ryan -- assistant town administrator for Pawleys Island -- bought their Chicago digs when they married in 2007, and those familiar with real estate will see the immediate red flag.

That was the height of the housing bubble, and most reading this won’t have to be told how deep or how cold a bath the couple took in the sale.

But Chicago winters and visions of the sun-kissed shores of the Grand Strand pulled them away.

“I didn’t think any place with this accessibility to the ocean at this price point,” Fabbri said.

She worked at Brandon Advertising as the account manager for HTC, Colors on Parade and the Wilmington, N.C., CVB between the couple’s arrival and her new post. While in Chicago, she worked for a number of advertising agencies.

Fabbri has a masters in advertising and public relations from DePaul University.

She said she admires Realtors “because they’ve been through so much turmoil in their area.”

Fabbri said she, her husband and three young daughters are currently home shopping and have their eyes on a short sale, a move that she said erases any lingering bitterness over the cold bath.

“I see now that I’m going to make up for it on the back end,” she said.