Seniors & Aging

Financial courses at CCU offered for seniors

We’re in between column segments, a great time to toss this idea out to you. Indeed, in case you didn’t know about it.

We cover a broad spectrum of topics about successful living, especially the challenges that we seniors must deal with, don’t we?

May I recommend to you a companion resource in this realm, right here in the Grand Strand, which I think can add a lot to most everyone’s wisdom, in tandem with “Real Life”? And it does that in a pleasant, effective, delightfully social, and inexpensive fashion.

So, what is it, already? Coastal Carolina University’s community service outreach adult education institute, Osher Lifetime Learning Institute (OLLI), where, for $20 a semester, plus sometimes a few tuition dollars, we enjoy comeraderie and learning in scores of subjects, all aimed at seniors, at four community-sited education centers. The coming spring term, beginning next month features 14 courses and seminars specifically in our realm of interest.

“Are you involved, Gary?” I was hoping you’d ask. As a matter of fact, two of them are mine.

One is a symposium featuring a dozen or so honored, credentialed, professionals donating (along with me) their time and knowledge as guest presenters about many topics, among them elder and estate planning law, senior living and care-providing options, elder abusers and abusees, income and wealth management strategies, Medicare/Medicaid, dealing with health care and its providers, physical and mental health issues and problems, encountering death and funeralities and bereavement, and much more.

The other is a streamlined repeat of our primer offering the basics that we need to know in order successfully to make decisions, structure, document, and carry out our estate planning for both incapacity and death. In addition to my discussion, it features a real-live estates-focused attorney who also is a former probate OLLI also can be a one-stop social, travel, and community service vehicle, offering clubs, excursions, and projects, all in friendly groups of super people.

Need I say more? See, betcha didn’t know about that! It’s all at, or e-mail me.