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Good New Year’s News!

We’re between regular column segments, a great time to toss this idea out to you — Indeed, a welcome and happy New Year’s resolution to consider:

I recommend to you a companion opportunity for sharing our living skills wisdom, which I think also can contribute a lot to most everyone’s world — and in a pleasant, effective, delightfully social, and inexpensive fashion.

Coastal Carolina University is about to do it again, beginning on January 9: CCU’s flourishing community service outreach adult education institute, Osher Lifetime Learning Institute (OLLI), begins its Spring events on January 9. For twenty bucks a semester, plus sometimes a few tuition dollars, we enjoy comeraderie and learning in scores of seniors-interest subjects, at four community-sited education centers -- a galaxy of pleasant and informative courses, seminars, excursions, clubs, and projects. all in friendly groups of stimulating people like us.

“Are you involved, Gary?” Thanks for asking. As a matter of fact, one of the seminars, 10-1/2 hours in 7 weekly sessions, beginning on January 24, is mine: newly enhanced “Making, Managing and Financing A Better Estate Plan”.

It’s a streamlined expansion version of our ever-evolving seminar, even desirable for its “alumni” to re-visit. With 100-plus pages of custom text, classroom dialogue, and two celebrated local professional practitioner attorney /fiduciary-personal-responders, it will offer the ought-to-know basics in order successfully to make decisions, structure, document, and carry out our estate planning for living, and for incapacity and death.

We’re adding a new feature, 4-1/2 hours about managing our financials: To minimize the enormous estate-shrinking cost of late-life living’s and dying’s worst financial burdens — presented by six more guest presenters, celebrated practicing professional experts in at-home and institutional living, care-receiving assistance, money management, taxes, Medicare, hospice, personal health care management, and funeralities.

All nine of us will be pro-bono volunteers. OLLI gets to invest 100 percent of the bargain $55 course fee in its community services. It’s all in the printed catalogues and at 843-349-2767 and at Or e-mail me.

May you and all whom you love have a rewarding 2017! And let’s enjoy comeraderie and learning together at OLLI.

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