Animal Tales | All about Grey-Raye


My sister and I were paying a last visit to our late father’s farm in Kentucky before we auctioned it off, and out of nowhere appeared this adorable grey and white kitten who latched onto me like I was her long-lost mother. I fell in love at first sight. We already had two cats and one dog at home in Myrtle Beach, and my husband said, “No way!” when he saw me nuzzling this darling grey kitty. “I don’t want you to become a cat-lady!”

We were in Kentucky for a week to help my sister clean out Daddy’s house. It was a rainy, cool week in October, so I let little “Raye,” (named after my father) onto the enclosed porch, and every day, when I went to visit, she was there, greeting me with a loud meow. We were to leave on Saturday, and after days of pleading and pouting, Frank relented. “If the cat is still there, on Saturday morning, we’ll take her back to Myrtle Beach with us.”

Well, of course, she was, and on Saturday morning, we drove back to Myrtle Beach with “Raye” in a cardboard box, which she immediately escaped at our first stop for breakfast at McDonalds. We found her curled up next to Cooper, our black lab/huskie mix in the backseat of the car. We knew from that moment on, that Raye would fit right in to our family. And she did. Mario and Lily accepted her almost immediately.

There’s been one change, though. Frank kept calling the kitty “Grey,” and I was calling her “Raye.” So we changed her name to “Grey-Raye.”

I really believe my dad had something to do with Grey-Raye’s appearance in my life. She was definitely “Heaven Sent.”

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