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Chewbacca Submitted

Hi my name is Chewbacca, but my peeps call me “Chewie”!

I’m a Labradoodle. My daddy and mommy got me from the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach. Yes, can you believe it, such an amazing puppy like me, was there! I have two main bff’s Wrigley and Molly, but I am more of a people dog. My favorite thing to do is go to the beach. Some people would call me a beach-dog! My daddy and mommy take me everyday! I love it. I run, swim and I also find cool toys to bring home from nice family’s who left them for me. My mommy is the best treat giver and belly scratcher in the world. She also dresses me in things like my cool bow tie. My daddy is so cool he takes me in tons of walks and snuggles with me at nite. They tell me all the time how lucky they are to have found me, and I’m their baby, but I know I’m the lucky one!

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