Animal Tales | All about Foxxy

This is a picture of our little rescue dog, Foxxy. She has been in our family since just before Christmas last year.

We had several dogs while our kids were growing up and after our cpcker died and we retired, we didn’t think we wanted the responsibility of another dog. My husband had seen a friends pomeranian and kept telling me he would like to have one. After much thought, I was on the internet one evening and just happened upon All4Paws website in Pawleys.

This sweet little face popped up and we went down the next day to see her but we’re told she was on hold for another family to view. They had a couple more Poms as well as a few other dogs. We decided to “sleep on it” and when we went back the next afternoon to take the dog we had played with, she was gone but our little Foxxy was available after all. She was so timid and scared, I think the other family with kids had decided against her and took the other dog. What a relief and blessing for us!! She had been rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia we were told. She was scared to death of everyone and everything. We immediately fell in love with her and knew she needed our love and attention to survive. She had never been walked on a leash, never had toys to play with...guess she had just existed day to day. We brought her home and she just sat on a blanket and never moved. Eventually with some training help and lots of patience she has become the light of our lives. She loves to walk and greet all the neighbors and other dogs in our neighborhood. She has traveled with us in the car to Alabama and Ohio, loves to go on long trips or short errands. She knows what businesses give her a biscuit at the drive thru...

Wouldn’t take a million dollars for her, we have become so attached to her!! Would suggest anyone looking for a dog, puppy or cat....please rescue one!

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