Living Here Guide

Georgetown County | Andrews

Established | In 1909 by the merger of the villages of Harper’s and Rosemary.

Origin of name | Walter H. Andrews, an Atlantic Coast Lumber Co. and Georgetown & Western railroad executive, helped found the town and later served as mayor.

What’s new | A new St. James-Santee Health Center opened on the north side of town, adding to health care opportunities for area residents. Also during the year, Davis Aircraft, a maker of parts such as seat belts, opened in the old Oneita Knitting factory.

Property tax rate | Town millage is 130.5. Combined millage for Andrews residents is 318.8. Andrews residents pay taxes to the town of Andrews and Georgetown County.

Numbers to know

Town Hall | 101 N. Morgan Ave., Andrews SC 29510; 843-264-8666 or

Mayor | Rodney Giles, 843-264-8666 or 843-344-7901. (Term ends 2015)

Mayor pro tem | Angela Anderson, 843-264-9086. (Term ends 2015.)

Councilmember | Patsy B. Greene, 843-264-3070. (Term ends 2015.)

Councilmember | Eddie Lee, 843-359-3023.

Councilmember | Mattie McGee, 843-240-8931. (Term ends 2015.)

Councilmember | Sudha N. Patel, 843-359-1574.

Councilmember | David Tisdale, 843-264-5693.