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Vietnam House will grow based on quality food, great prices

Vietnam House Bun Thit Bo
Vietnam House Bun Thit Bo

Squeezed in between S.C. 501 and Broadway Street is the Vietnam House, standing alone with a small parking lot and straightforward façade. But inside, the restaurant really shines with a clean and pleasant atmosphere accompanied by some mouthwatering meals and fantastic prices.

With a steady flow of locals throughout the day, most of which seem to be regulars, the size of the building keeps it from seeming too crowded or from becoming too loud. Servers are regularly greeting customers with a smile and checking tables after delivering food then running to the counter to accept a guest’s payment.

There are indeed Vietnamese dishes as the restaurant’s name would indicate, such as the ever popular pho, plus rice vermicelli and egg noodle soups. The majority of the menu, however, is dedicated to Chinese food, with all the favorites available, from lo mein to mai fun.

No doubt many people who drop by already have an idea of what dishes they like when it comes to this cuisine. General Tso’s or Sweet and Sour chicken will always be delicious options.

However, Vietnam House also provides a safe opportunity to try a meal that is not quite as common as Chinese food.

Pho is definitely becoming better known outside big cities, but the rice vermicelli dishes are just as amazing. The Bun Thit Bo has tender beef with a delicious array of vegetables on top of the thin noodles and is very flavorful. Just like pho, the bun dishes can also be twerked to fit preference, and all the tables have seasoning just for that.

Service continued to be impressive, given how prompt the food was rolled out. Both meals were steaming and the vegetables were fresh, like the bok choy floating in the soup that still had a crisp crunch.

Specials are available that change daily, plus Vietnam House offers specials during lunch and dinner hours. The restaurant even sells their own roast duck, whole or halved, for guests to take home with them. Except for the roast avian, every meal on the menu is under $10.

Although the restaurant is lovely, Vietnam House happily provides take out for the customers who aren’t looking to dine in, by phone call and even online. The restaurant is very family friendly, and welcomes parties from small to large. They also endeavor to meet taste preferences and dietary needs, so feel free to ask questions.

Chinese food as we know it is full of variety and flavor, and near downtown Myrtle Beach now works pleasantly with Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnam House will no doubt continue to draw in customers, given their hard work, comfortable atmosphere, great prices, and amazing food.

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What | Vietnam House

Where | 619 Broadway Street, Myrtle Beach

Hours | 11 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Monday -Thursday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday, noon-10 p.m. Sunday

Information |, 843-712- 2030