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Snooky’s in Little River is a great catch for fresh fish

Tucked behind the Cricket Cove Marina, guests of Snooky’s can watch boats coming and going while enjoying a deliciously warm cup of she-crab soup. Whether on the patio or inside, there is a great view of the waterway that helps set the atmosphere for this laid-back restaurant.

When first approaching the building, it can be easy to overlook where Snooky’s is actually situated, as the restaurant sits on top of a North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters location. But after parking, either in front of the building or to the side of the cove’s storage facility, walk in the direction of the docks and guests will be able to see Snooky’s sign and the stairs that lead to a good time.

Depending on the weather, the patio can be closed, although with summer finally heating up, customers and leashed dogs are encouraged to enjoy their food and drinks outside. The rumble of boats and gently swaying tall grass can be the soundtrack of your time at Snooky’s depending on what part of the day it is.

Seafood is definitely the star of the show here, and with good reason. Snooky’s is in a fantastic location to constantly be on the receiving end of fresh fish, including offering Catch of the Day

Bites during Happy Hour. Boaters who have been out fishing can even bring in their own catches and have them cooked by the talented chefs in the kitchen.

Land lubbers aren’t neglected either, with some impressive beef options like steak and burgers, although it can’t quite be said that these are what people come to Snooky’s for, not with so much amazing seafood options. Salads are also available which come meat-free unless otherwise requested.

One of their shellfish dishes you wouldn’t want to miss out on would be the fantastically spicy Firecracker Shrimp. These can come by themselves or in a flour tortilla with wasabi slaw during Happy Hour, when the restaurant offers some appetizers and drinks for $5 apiece. However you enjoy them, the plump shrimp appetizer lives up to its name.

Douse the fire in your mouth by enjoying any of the concoctions from behind the bar, all of which are wonderful iterations of beach drinks. But don’t let the sunset colors or fruity blend of these drinks fool you, since they can provide a different kind of kick! Service is fast and friendly despite plenty of chatter between the servers and regulars made up of locals and tourists who return yearly. Even Sundays are popular at Snooky’s, when guests can create their own Bloody Mary.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon overlooking the waterway or wanting to end a day of boating by drinking with friends while enjoying fresh seafood, Snooky’s is ready for you to dive right in.

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What | Snooky’s

Where | 4495 Baker Street, Little River

Hours | 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m. daily

Information |, 843-249-5252