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Bonfire taqueria: a great addition to Conway Riverwalk

Burrito and sweet potato fries
Burrito and sweet potato fries

The Riverfront in Conway has been popular for generations, and now holds both historical and aesthetic meaning to the area.

On any given day with lovely weather, just walking the path can reveal no less than two weddings, multiple photo shoots, and plenty of happy pups. Bonfire is a new addition to this scenic area, replacing Sidewheeler and already fitting right in.

Although they advertise themselves as a Mexican joint, which they are an amazing one, Bonfire also has a plethora of other great assets to draw in a range of customers. Outside on the grass, college students can enjoy a drink while playing cornhole, and on the porch, friends can rest their dogs in the shade and catch a game on the large screen. Inside, this young restaurant has a wooden smokehouse feel with a nice clean look, plus charming paintings and a stylish bar.

The menu continues to display the restaurant’s variety, with not just simple Mexican dishes but combination meals using barbecue, vegetarian, and perhaps even a little bit of Lowcountry influence. Catfish makes an appearance more than once, like in a salad or a taco.

Bonfire also regularly has lunch specials, such as their brisket Philly or smoked salmon taco. Out of the numerous options, guests can choose a starter, like their potato skins or jar of pickled vegetables, then enjoy some tacos they can mix and match.

Sandwiches, plates, and platters take up the rest of the menu that come with the customer’s choice of sides from succotash to Bonfire’s version of chicken bog, which they call piggy rice.

Plates can be chicken, pork, or even ribs with different size options for a greater amount of variety for each person. Combo plates are just that - a combination of meats like some pork with three ribs, or a plate of vegetables.

The Burrito is an impressive amalgam of ingredients and an even more impressive size, easily two meals on its own. Stuffed with three types of meat, beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and avocado then topped with smoked jalapenos, this monster is intimidating and absolutely worth defeating. Coming with two sides puts Bonfire’s burrito even more over the edge, but fans of sweet potato fries won’t complain, and the piggy rice is definitely a delicious iteration.

The other barbequed meats, all smoked in house, are also fantastic, and made with passion like everything else Bonfire serves. Their Happy Hour is from 3-6p.m. and has some decent deals, such as a dollar off pints of beer and glasses of wine, and discounted snacks. Bonfire also takes care of the kids, with smaller meal options for them.

On top of all everything Bonfire has going for it, every Sunday the restaurant hosts live music for their guests to enjoy. The scenery may no longer be the only reason to enjoy the Riverwalk with Bonfire now in place. With enthusiasm for their guests and their food, Bonfire is sure to keep blazing strong.

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What | Bonfire - A Smokin’ Taqueria

Where | 110 Main Street, Conway

Hours | 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday

Information |, 843-488-4227