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The Claw House celebrates a strong start, show no sign of slowing down

The Claw House lobster roll
The Claw House lobster roll

The first new addition to the Marshwalk in close to 20 years has opened their floodgates, figuratively speaking of course.

The Claw House has been a greatly anticipated restaurant along the wildly popular strip of restaurants in Murrells Inlet, and not just because it’s been near two decades since a restaurant was added to the strip. The Claw House is a lobster house, New England inspired with Lowcountry flair.

Only a few days old, this new seafood haven already has the hustle of an established restaurant and the bustle of employees to match. Outside, The Claw House is neat and attractive, with patio seating on a wrap-around porch that can be zipped up with plastic windows when the weather is unfavorable. Inside, guests are greeted with a beautiful aquarium and an impressively tall ceiling.

With wood slats and simplistic décor, The Claw House has a “cabin by the sea” feel, and all the delicious seafood items on the menu will certainly reel you in. Specializing in the delicious food from the sea does mean that prices are a little steep, but for lovers of Atlantic lobster and oysters, money might not be on your mind.

Begin your meal with some delicious drinks like Claw House Crushes or their Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita to put some hair on your chest, as it were. Then dive into their starters, such as the beautifully layered Crab Stack with multiple levels of flavor that make for a wonderful combination.

If you’ve been craving shellfish, there is a plethora to choose from. Guests can order oysters and clams individually or by the dozen, plus there is also shrimp and lobster cocktails to enjoy. For larger parties, the sampler or tower would be a good way to enjoy all the different crustaceans they have to offer.

The Claw House does have a few non-seafood items in case a land-lubber got dragged in. Otherwise, the options for seafood are all tempting in their own right, although many are probably most excited for that New England lobster that is trucked in weekly. The lobster roll, for instance, is stuffed with that wondrous meat, so much so that the yummy kettle chips definitely become overlooked.

Given their popularity long before they even opened, it’s good that The Claw House was properly prepared for how busy they would be. They have worked hard and it shows in the craftsmanship and skill of their servers.

They will continue to work out a few small details, such as their upcoming seafood market. They’ve also announced a Happy Hour and Loyal Locals program on their Facebook page. Ultimately, The Claw House has definitely celebrated a strong start and it would be no surprise if their claws continue to grip onto success.

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What | The Claw House

Where | 4097 U.S, 17 Business, Murrells Inlet

Hours | 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

Information |; 843-651-4415