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‘Soupelina’ cookbook is educational and informative for soup cleanse

By Joan Leotta

For The Sun News

The title of this book claims a lot but these are the results Soupelina creator Elina Fuhrman achieved when using a self-devised soup cleanse to repair her body and strengthen her soul when she struggled with cancer.

In writing this book, she hopes that others will find her wholesome organic soups a way to recharge and repair their own digestive systems. Once that is done, according to Fuhrman, readers are then on the right track to restructure their attitudes into a positive and strong approach to life.

When Fuhrman was diagnosed with cancer she wanted to aid her healing process with a cleanse.

A cleanse is a way to literally clean out your system the way you might clean out your home. In this case, you are “purifying your body from waste products and, eliminate waste and toxins.

Juice cleanses have been a Hollywood staple for some time. However,Fuhrman did not like the idea of using juices. She turned to soup. She says,”The concept that soup heals your body and your life is not new.” She notes that for generations people have used homemade soup (not the kind filled with preservatives and sodium) to heal. She notes that a side benefit of her cleanse is dieting power.

One of the reasons, according to Fugrman, that this soup cleanse trend is easier to use than a juice cleanse is that you stay full—there is plenty of fiber and protein, albeit all plant-based.

Plus, the soups are easy to prepare , and offer a wide variety of flavors and textures. There is no need to go hungry on this cleanse.

What exactly is soupelina? In speaking with The Sun News, Fuhrman says,”I’m the founder and Chef of Soupelina. Soupelina is a brand new concept soup company created in January 2013, originating the first ever soup cleanse. Soupelina’s soups are nutritional powerhouses that heal the body because of the unique combinations of veggies, herbs, spices, roots, mushrooms and legumes; and the way they are prepared. The soups are lip-smacking delicious as well.”

Her commitment to giving personalized answers to questions about her soups and using them as a cleanse makes me all the more favorable toward the idea and the book. However, at the risk of sounding like a nag, be sure to consult your physician before undertaking even such a healthful sounding cleanse method as that laid out in Soupelina.

If you do, after consulting your physician, choose to do a cleanse, I have to say, I do not think you could find a better introduction to the how and why of so doing , or a more balanced regime than this one.

Soup is comforting and tasty. Fuhrman offers a variety of tasty soup recipes from many cultures to enhance your diet even if you do not use this book for a cleanse. Her soup recipes all tout natural ingredients. They rely on classic ingredients, proven herbs and spices that aid healing,. It’s not a book that rides on fads in ingredients. There is a great variety. Soupelina soup recipes are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, high in fiber, calcium and protein. Rather than use a broth or other outside flavoring, even regular water, Fuhrman advocates using filtered water to make all of the soups.

However, do not undertake cleanse without consulting your own physician. In addition, she allows that four cleanses a year (one for each season ) might be too much for some folks admitting that two (spring and fall) would be enough for the average person.

Of course, for me, the idea of a spring “cleanse” is a close relative of the theory espoused by my own Italian grandmother— spring tonic foods. Grandma loaded our plates with spring greens, specially dandelion and other bitter greens to detoxify the live after a winter spent eating heavy holiday fare. Soup was always on Grandma’s menu. Especially chicken soup. She did not offer soup for breakfast lunch and dinner, but I think she would have approved of Fuhrman’s use of best natural ingredients, those that are plentiful in a particular season, as the basis of a healthy approach to food.

Even if you decide against a cleanse, you will find this book interesting and useful in the kitchen.

Fuhrman starts from the basics on how to make soup and what you should have in your pantry to make the soups in the book. She even includes what you need in the way of pots. Her discussion of pantry items is extensive. She describes each item and its health benefits in such detail that you could use that section as a primer for inventing your own soup recipes. Yes, this book is a small course on cooking and flavoring soups. She organizes the soup recipes by type and texture—blended, chunky, broths, and raw soups. Since summer is coming, I was especially interested in this section—she goes beyond basic gazpacho and introduces avocado, and watermelon as main ingredients for cold soups. YUM!

I think Fuhrman is genuine in her desire to see all of us live better, healthier lives. The book is definitely worth a read, for the recipes alone, and for her excellent explanation on the cleanse process..

Title | Soupelina's Soup Cleanse; Plant-based Soups and Broths To Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind and Transform Your Life

Author | Elina Fuhrman

Publisher | Da Capo Press

Price | $24.99