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Clarendon Cuisine provides vibrant Jamaican dishes

Besides the ocean itself, the collection of cultures in coastal cities is part of what makes them such great tourist attractions. So from one beach to the next, Clarendon Cuisine gives the people of Myrtle Beach some vibrant Jamaican dishes to enjoy.

Squeezed in at the end of a little shopping strip in between 16th and 17th Avenue North, Clarendon is easy to overlook when driving, but it has become a regular lunch spot for working locals.

Inside there is another structure that houses the kitchen and has been painted in cheerful Jamaican colors.

Ordering is like peeking into a friendly neighbor’s house who loves to cook and share their knowledge about Jamaican food and the daily specials. There is even a window in the inner little building, where different types of Caribbean snacks are stacked.

The menu won’t take too much time to go over, and a few regulars came in already knowing what they wanted. Clarendon is specifically known for their goat curry and oxtail, which are the pricier of meals. Chicken is available in a few different ways like stewed, jerk, in curry, and even fried for a few dollars less.

Jamaican patties, the delicious combination of pastry and meat, are sitting in a warming oven on the counter, making them quite the temptation. The flaky crust and the warm curry inside make a great meal by itself and the patties are very easy to eat on the go.

Clarendon fills Styrofoam containers with the food in order for guests to have the option of taking their meal with them, but are of course welcome to eat in the restaurant. The food comes out piping hot, so no matter where you enjoy your meal, it should still be warm.

The curry goat dinner comes with a side, like steamed vegetables, and rice and peas (which many Americans would probably call rice and beans). Just like the curry, the rice and peas are spicy and delicious alone or with tender slivers of goat on top. Keep in mind, the goat does not come entirely boneless.

Unfortunately, this little Jamaican eatery sometimes runs out of ingredients or is unable to have everything on the menu available depending on the market. This includes the fried plantains, which Clarendon won’t make until the fruit is perfectly ripe (availability can also depend on the season).

Traveling to the Caribbean is a popular getaway destination with food and culture derived from different places to create one unique experience, much like how some would describe the coastal south, or Lowcountry. Clarendon Cuisine has brought a little bit of that gorgeous and lively island to our beach streets with food that’ll fill you right up.

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What | Clarendon Cuisine

Where | 1605 N. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach

Hours | 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 12-5 p.m. Sunday

Information |, 843-448-8000