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Trestle’s Bakery lives up to Conway’s ‘delicious restaurants’ reputation

Shrimp pasta at Trestle.
Shrimp pasta at Trestle.

Inquiries into finding the best local sourdough bread, while perhaps an unusual and specific request, would probably direct you to the Trestle Bakery and Café in downtown Conway.

This historic town is pretty well known for its delicious restaurants, and the bakers at Trestle definitely live up to its reputation.

There are two locations for this local business, separated only by a short walk. The bakery is settled at 322 Main Street, where customers can stop by and purchase freshly baked goods throughout the day. The café, at 308 Main Street, is the place to go for breakfast or lunch, and where orders for catering can be placed.

Obviously, the two work closely together, with the bakery dropping fresh treats to the café regularly, like the delectable muffins that are a meal all on their own. Patrons can also buy a loaf of the aforementioned sourdough bread at the café, which might be difficult to resist after partaking in one of the sourdough sandwiches.

There aren’t just sandwiches of course, with lunch options ranging from soups and salads to specialty entrees like the delicious shrimp pasta plate. The crew works hard to make everything in house, too, which gives every meal that homemade feel. Sides aren’t exempt, so guests can enjoy a fresh garden salad with their sandwich, or a handful of homemade potato chips with BBQ spices or simple salt.

Guests can also tell the soups are lovingly made from scratch as well, since they are crammed with ingredients and incredibly flavorful. Trestle has two soups on the menu, plus a daily soup that changes. Cups of soup can also be paired with a sandwich or pasta salad. But the two slices of perfect sourdough bread provided with a cup is more than filling enough.

Trestle has worked hard to establish themselves as a staple in Conway, especially for events.

They cater, yes, but the bakery also creates beautiful cakes for all celebrations. They’re known for providing friendly service too, which extends to their café.

Even after all day working, greetings and smiles were prompt and questions were answered. The food was served quickly as well, all while the team cleaned the shop and dealt with leftover food.

Trestle Café of course will be busier during the morning, which stops being served at 10:30a.m., and lunch, so keep that in mind when visiting.

Downtown Conway has a plethora of great people and amazing food. All the small businesses work together and help the community, including this bakery, and the locals treat them in kind.

So if you’re in the mood for friends and fresh food, drop by and become a new beam of support for Conway’s own Trestle.

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What | Trestle Bakery and Café

Where | 308 Main Street, Conway

Hours | 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday

Information |, 843-248-9896