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Kobe Hibachi Grill in Murrells Inlet offers taste of Japanese fare

Kobe Hibachi Grill
Kobe Hibachi Grill

To conclude a brief tour around the world without ever leaving Murrells Inlet, stop by Kobe Hibachi Grill at the international shopping center St. James Plaza. While a bit off the beaten trail, this plaza has four restaurants that share different cuisines each: American, Italian, Mexican, and of course, Japanese.

Kobe Hibachi Grill has been settled next to Aromas for close to a year now and has accrued its share of regulars. The menu has all the selections expected from hibachi places, plus some sushi to choose from. And with decent prices, it’s easy to imagine why guests would return.

The restaurant itself is pretty compact, but the window into the kitchen does provide a certain feeling of transparency, as guests can choose to watch their food being made. A few Japanese accents decorate the area around the counter where customers place their order or pick up their food to go.

After paying, there is a back wall with drinks, condiments, and utensils so guests can get what they need and have a seat while their food is prepared. With a regular flow of customers, both in person and on the phone, the kitchen employees stay busy and do their best to get food out fast.

For hibachi entrees, the plates are served with meat straight from the grill and delicious rice that can be plain or fried. Grilled vegetables come as a side, but there is also a list of more sides which make it easier for guests to mix and match their favorites.

The steamed dumplings, for instance, came out piping hot with teriyaki sauce to dip them into and definitely can be a good appetizer (or maybe even a meal when paired with another side).

Guests can also have a small bowl of miso soup, or one of the salads, like the ever popular seaweed salad.

Steak, chicken, and shrimp are the main proteins as is typical of hibachi restaurants, but Kobe also provides vegetable only options. Both the meat and vegetables were plenty flavorful and grilled quite nicely, though perhaps a little over salted.

Kobe serves up simple sushi rolls as well, including platters and party trays. Not one roll on the menu is over $10, so this can be suitable for someone who needs a quick fix. With a set amount of ingredients, it might be better for sushi lovers to satisfy their needs earlier in the day.

For those who live a little further inland in Murrells Inlet, St. James Plaza remains a convenient stop for friends and families to make use of. Chances are, there will be something for everyone here, and Kobe makes a good addition to the area. After you finish your meal at Kobe, enjoy the cute dessert provided with a smile, no matter what fortune may come out of the little cookie.

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What | Kobe Hibachi Grill

Where | 10799 S.C. 707, Murrells Inlet

Hours | 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday, noon-9 p.m. Sunday

Information |, 843-650-8898