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Bombay offers delicious variety of Indian food

If you’ve become tired of the same kind of food and are looking to experience something new, Bombay at the Beach may just be the place for you. Named after the largest city in India (before the name changed to Mumbai in 1995), this restaurant is filled with delicious Indian food, just like its namesake.

From the outside, Bombay looks more like a home with a few years on it than it does a restaurant, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can just be easy to overlook when people are searching for a place to eat. Of course once you’re inside, the smell of fresh naan and spices will enthusiastically greet your senses.

One of the great things about this restaurant is the amount of options guests have. For those new to enjoying Indian cuisine, the lunch buffet is a great place to start. For just under $10, you can try a little bit of everything, or perhaps find your favorite and fill up.

The buffet has different dishes presented like tadka dal (yellow lentil) and chana saag (a chickpea dish), plus more vegetarian choices such as biryani (basmati rice with spices) with vegetables and pakora (fritters). Chicken curry and butter chicken are also popular dishes, and naturally everything goes well with the basmati rice and complimentary naan.

Ordering meals from the menu is also available while the lunch buffet is going on, which many regulars utilize to get their favorite meal. The menu is filled with chicken, vegetarian, and lamb dishes, even some seafood ones, but keep in mind there will be no beef. Also, the buffet ends at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Because buffets have to cater to a majority of tastes, the options aren’t as spicy as some guests may like, but if you order a dish, you can always ask for an increase in spiciness level. The buffet food also isn’t going to be piping hot, but it’s never going to be cold either.

However, even the mild foods have plenty of flavor, like their butter chicken that practically melts on your tongue. But if fiery taste buds are what you want, then be sure to also order either a delicious yogurt lassi or creamy dessert. Bombay has the traditional drink as well as the popular mango version, and even a salt lassi.

The kheer dessert is more basmati rice, this time slow cooked in milk with sugar, cashews, pistachios, raisins, and cardamom. It’s almost like a pudding, and very satisfying for those with a sweet tooth.

Bombay at the Beach has a lot to offer, including plenty of smiles, and they make all of their food from scratch for a traditional Indian meal worth writing home about. Talking about the amazing variety Bombay has to offer would take hours, so take it upon yourself try something new and discover the tastes of India.

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What | Bombay at the Beach

Where | 702 N. Kings Highway

Hours | 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily

Information |, 843-444-9090