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Cookbook provides recipes with lower sugar, carbs

Think you have to give up comfort food to achieve a lower sugar diet? No necessarily so, if you follow the plan or even just some of the recipes in Diabetes Comfort Food diet by registered dietitian and Laura Cipullo.

The month of January is often about changing eating habits. Often this means depriving ourselves of something we really love to eat—a food that brings back memories of childhood. When denial becomes extreme, binging sometimes occurs.

People with special food-related health issues often face even more restrictions. Diabetics in particular are hard hit, especially in the area of carbohydrates (carbs) and sweets. This book is not a magic wand, but it definitely provides a lot of food that meets the criteria of tasting good and resembling many of the sweets that have to be given up. If you have diabetes or any other health issue, even a suspected one; consult your physician before implementing any of Cipullo’s health plans.

For those readers who are looking to simply cut back on sugar (and carbs) this book will provide many recipes that sound familiar (like bread pudding) but have been modified to fit a healthier lifestyle. Cipullo offers tips on adjusting one’s approach to meals. Studying her recipes and applying her techniques to your own recipes will help turn your own recipe box into a collection of things to make that will be tasty, familiar and give you the comfort of knowing that they are better for you with the changes made.

The first three chapters of the book are devoted to explaining what diabetes is and how we can live a life while still eating out, eating with friends, and enjoying food. First, the author explains diabetes. Chapter 2 tells how to change your recipes and Chapter 3 presents “the plan”, a dietary “regime” designed to regulate a person’s sugar so that the body is back in balance. Weight Watchers takes a similar approach—moderation, counting, balancing what is eaten (points) and perhaps this is why it has been such a successful organization. Each recipe page in Cipullo’s book includes ideas for adaptation, how to add more fiber (an essential, she says) and how the recipe uses good oils—topics that are noted as very important in the overall discussion on learning about diabetes. The first appendix, present meal plans and the second offers information on the calorie, carb and fiber counts of common foods.

In between come the recipes. The recipes start with breakfast, then soups and salads and sandwiches (lunch fare, I presume) and then come several chapters dealing what might be served for supper. This series of chapters starts with Appetizers and then each chapter is labeled with a type of food or a designation –Meat, Seafood, Poultry, Vegetarian, Sides, Desserts. Best of all for me was the dessert category. I love that there are so many delightful things that are low enough on the glycemic scale to include and are still wonderful tasting. Most of the recipes are easy to make and do not take much time to prepare, both good qualities for a busy person and for a family.

Besides being a registered dietician, Laura Cipullo is a certified diabetes educator with a private practice in New York City. She is often tapped for her knowledge guest appearances in various print publications, digital media and on the Dr, Oz Show, Fox News and Headline News. She is good at what she does and knows how to adapt needed changes to accommodate everyday life.

This book is good for any single or family who want to simply cut back on sugars.

The two recipes below represent the ease of preparation and good flavors in both the savory and sweet recipes in this book.

Asparagus Swiss Quiche

Southern Pecan Bread Pudding

Title | The Diabetes Comfort Food diet

Authors | Laura Cipullo RD CDE and the editorsof Prevention

Publisher | Robert Rose Press

Price | $24.95