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Horst Gasthaus’ delicious German food will ‘take you on a journey’

Horst Gasthaus
Horst Gasthaus

Sometimes, getting to know a country is best done through your stomach. Many will be pleased to discover that Germany’s food is quite enlightening, and you can get your fill at the Horst Gasthaus in North Myrtle Beach.

Much like the people, German food is hardy (and best with some beer). Horst Gasthaus really plays up to the experience too, with one step through the door transporting guests to the restaurant’s lovely home country. The servers fit in with the décor by wearing dirndls (what we would call beer maid dresses), and occasionally the accordion player will don lederhosen.

Almost the entire menu is German cuisine, with a few options for someone with a different palate, like kids who can get a hamburger or hot dog. Otherwise, customers can enjoy their fill of wurst and schnitzel, and you’d better be prepared to become full.

If you’ve chosen a nice, rich German beer while you wait for your food, be sure not to drink the entire glass, since it could easily be a meal all on its own. Even when they’re busy and the servers are bustling around, the cooks know what they’re doing in the back. The food came out fast and the plate was pretty stuffed.

For those who don’t know what they like, or perhaps like too much of everything, the Horst Gasthaus Platte is a good option to get a great array of German food. The bratwurst and knackwurst differed both in texture and seasoning but both were delicious. Some might find the knackwurst more enjoyable with the mustard sauce provided.

Under the two sausages was red cabbage and sauerkraut, also similar foods but innately different. The red cabbage especially stood out with its vinegar flavoring, but with all the options on one plate, guests can mix and match and discover what tastes they like to combine (or perhaps keep separate).

This also includes the sauerbraten, which is flavored with wine and vinegar as well. The slightly acidic meat, considered one of Germany’s national foods, is perhaps a little unusual to American palates, yet it paired well with the dumpling. All in all, this platte was extremely filling, and fun to experiment with.

Horst Gasthaus is small and only open for dinner, but this restaurant is a very popular stop for locals and tourists, especially the older generation. This means they can become busy fast, so wait times might be long although the servers remain fastidious.

If you’re looking for a new and friendly experience, this German restaurant is dressed to impress. Be prepared to become one of the many regulars, because despite the slightly high prices, Horst Gasthaus will take you on a journey.

By Emily Smith

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What | Horst Gasthaus

Where | 802 37th Ave., North Myrtle Beach

Hours | 5-9 p.m. Monday-Tuesday, 4-9p.m. Wednesday-Saturday

Information | 843-272-3351