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iNoodles in Little River provides great, warm Vietnamese food

Not much can make a sick person feel better than a nice bowl of warm soup with delicious noodles, and luckily chicken noodle soup isn’t the only option out there. At iNoodles Vietnamese Cuisine in Little River, there are dozens of bowls to choose from, and all of them are equally filling and delicious.

Known for being a street food, pho (pronounced “fuh”) is easy to make in batches in order to serve a lot of guests as quickly as possible. As practiced at iNoodles, the different broths – beef, chicken, or vegetarian – are made first and left to simmer throughout the day. When a bowl of pho is ready to be made, the broth is brought back to a boil. The noodles and meat, having been cooked separately, are then added and the meal is served.

What’s great about pho is the huge amount of flexibility offered, which means every dish can cater itself to each person’s unique tastes. This is evident in iNoodles’ menu, which has each pho with different meat options listed, including chicken, seafood, and vegetarian. But guests can easily request certain vegetables to be removed, while other condiments come on the side to be used at one’s own discretion.

For instance, the pho tai is the beef broth with pho noodles and thin eye-of-round steak slices, with lime, fresh basil leaves, and jalapenos on the side. The broth is stewed with onion, chives, and other herbs like cilantro. Guests are encouraged to ask questions about pho, especially if certain lifestyles need to be adhered to.

The broth (which customers can order alone for $4) was delicious and steaming hot, so letting it cool down for a few minutes gives you some time to taste it and figure out if you’d like to add some of the sides or even some hot sauce.

The beef, tender and flavorful, was easy to eat with the noodles, though there may be some slurping needed. Squeezing a lime wedge into the broth doesn’t make it taste like lime but instead enhanced the cilantro, almost like a fresh burst of flavor.

Although known for their noodle dishes, iNoodles also serves c’om dia (meals with steamed rice) and b’un (vermicelli dishes). Unfortunately, they don’t offer any Vietnamese desserts, which would have been a fun addition to the experience. They do have some bubble tea though, meaning the Thai tea was even more delicious than usual.

Pho has become more popular in recent years, but it still remains pretty few and far between on this stretch of the coast. iNoodles is a clean and very friendly restaurant where locals and visitors can all try some authentic pho at a great price, along with the popular Vietnamese egg rolls.

There are many flavorful options to discover with pho, so drop by iNoodles and find your favorite.

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What | iNoodles Vietnamese Cuisine

Where | 1486 Highway 17N, Little River

Hours | 11 a.m.-9 p.m. daily

Contact |, 843-280-0679