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Reviewer: Stuff Your Face is ‘exciting addition to Myrtle Beach’

The first food truck with a year-long permit has hit the streets, causing plenty of buzz and excitement. Stuff Your Face Street Eats has partnered with the Myrtle Beach location of Palmetto Distillery making for an impressive combination

Being a mobile restaurant, there is no actual seating for the guests, except for the few tables outside Palmetto Distillery. This also means that in the likelihood of inclement weather, the food truck won’t make the trek out and risk not only losing business, but causing visitors to be wait in the rain.

When Stuff Your Face is parked off to the side of Palmetto Distillery, there seems to be a steady flow of guests. Some come simply for the food, others make use of its location and fill themselves with barbeque before buying some moonshine.

This becomes especially useful when guests find out the barbeque sauce, tangy with a bit of a kick, is actually made by Palmetto Distillery. So if you find yourself particularly drawn to the flavor, you can pop right inside and buy your own sauce. Stuff Your Face’s slow cooked meats are good enough on their own, tender and smoky, but go great with their neighbor’s sauce. All in all, the two have a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

Service might seem slow when waiting in a line, since only one or two people can fit in the truck’s kitchen. The food is put together right after it’s ordered as well which makes the wait a little longer, but patience is greatly rewarded.

The order is served with a smile, and many guests retire quickly to their car or the tables to indulge. All of the meals are definitely best eaten when hot, so keep that in mind if you visit on a cooler day.

The sandwiches come loaded with meat and coleslaw (if you want it) making for a slightly messy but finger-licking good meal. The quesadillas will also need the help of many napkins, especially if you’ve opted for the fully loaded package.

For the most part, the menu remains the same with all-stars like the BBQ sandwich, jumbo hot dog, nachos, and tacos. Stuff Your Face changes the “specialty” item daily or at least every other day. One day it was a Sausage Pepper Onion, the next it was a Moon Shiners Chicken Sandwich.

That alone is reason enough to drop by often to see what they cook up.

The menu ranges from $2 for a hot dog to $5.99 for the barbeque brisket with drink options at $1 so it’s easy to mix and match. Chips are also available as a side should you want something lighter with your choice.

Stuff Your Face Street Eats is an exciting addition to Myrtle Beach. Hopefully this means more food trucks will become permanent food options that have flexibility, especially when the tourist season swings round again. In the meantime, go stuff your face with some great street eats.

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What | Stuff Your Face Street Eats

Where | 4801 S. Kings Highway, Palmetto Distillery parking lot

Hours | 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Info | 843-340-0679

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