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Ciambelle di magro

Reprinted here from Ally’s Kitchen with permission from Ally Phillips


4-5 cups self rising flour(divided)

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

½ tsp sea salt

2 cups sugar (divided)

1 cup chardonnay (or other white wine)


Heat oven to 350 degrees l Line your baking sheets with parchment paper. Put about ½ cup sugar in a pie plate (to use later for coating the cookies) and set aside.

On a large clean surface or wooden cutting board, put about two cups of four down and scoop out a well , Add the olive oil, cups of sugar and salt in the well, Then, with your fingers work the sugar into the oil. Add about a cup more of the flour and star working it with your fingers. (Ally warns this may be messy at first, but she urges us to persist)

Cut off a bit of dough at a time and begin to roll it into ropes. Shape the ropes into pinwheels, knots, or other shapes. Dip one side of each cookie in sugar (on the pie plate) and place on parchment paper, sugar side up. Repeat until all dough is used.

Bake for 17-21 minutes or until the cookies are golden brown but not really brown. Ally warns that you do not want to over bake these. Cook on a wire rack

Makes about four dozen.