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Kicks! Quicks | Find pierogies, Polish treats at Pulaski Deli

Be adventurous and try something new at Pulaski Deli in Myrtle Beach.
Be adventurous and try something new at Pulaski Deli in Myrtle Beach. For The Sun News

Finding international treats throughout the Grand Strand is like a treasure hunt. For a break from the usual Tex-Mex or hibachi, or maybe just something a little calmer but still near the beach, the Pulaski Deli is definitely worth a visit.

This quaint deli is off U.S. 17 Business at the corner of 27th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach, so it is easily within walking distance from the boardwalk, but also just far enough away to feel quiet and calm. The menu is small, but chances are, customers know what they want before they arrive. The meats are fresh and sliced to order for the subs, and the Polish dishes are all homemade.

Pierogies are the national food of Poland and a popular dish worldwide – and with good reason. They are fantastic. Pierogies can be ordered as a meal or as part of the Polish Sampler Plate. They come traditionally or with meat or farmer’s cheese (which is slightly sweet). The kielbasa, equivalent to sausage, is also very enjoyable as it is neither too bland nor too foreign.

The cabbage foods, like the rolls and stew, might not be appetizing to those with prejudice against the leafy vegetable, but amid all the other tastes, the cabbage was hardly noticeable. This goes for the sauerkraut as well, which had a sharp taste and could be used as a palate cleanser. The pickles, however, also made at the deli, are not as pickled as Americans may be used to and, indeed, retained a taste reminiscent of their cucumber origins.

Serving famous Polish dishes alongside subs, this deli is also known for being part grocery store, and that alone makes it worth the visit. They may be on the smaller side, but there is plenty of food and ingredients to choose from, all of them being Polish or Baltic.

The prices are impressive as well, especially considering imported foods are usually on the pricier side. There are a few signs defining some of the hard-to-pronounce items, such as the kabanosy, but feel free to ask the ladies any questions – if they aren’t too busy, that is. There seemed to be a regular flow of customers. So while you might need your smartphone to learn about some of the food, treats and meats on the shelves, Pulaski Deli is also very accommodating with a friendly atmosphere.

None of the dishes are more than $11 (including the 8-inch subs at $6.95), but if you like what you taste, be prepared to spend more in the grocery store. There are frozen foods to take home and try your hand at, as well as desserts. No matter what, be adventurous and try something new. Pulaski Deli is the right place to do it with fresh food and all inquiries answerable – and you don’t even have to leave Myrtle Beach.

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What: Pulaski Deli

Where: 2701 N. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach

Hours: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. weekdays, noon-5 p.m. Saturday, noon-3 p.m. Sunday

Contact: 443-6444,