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Kicks! Quicks | Black Thai brings delicious offerings to Conway

Black Thai’s new location in Conway is ready to add some heat to your summer.
Black Thai’s new location in Conway is ready to add some heat to your summer. For The Sun News

Downtown Conway has always been home to many quaint shops and delicious restaurants, so it came as no surprise when the popular Black Thai of Myrtle Beach’s downtown opened its second location there. Black Thai fits in so well in Conway that it could easily be mistaken as its neighbor, the Black Water Market.

Besides the rush of cool air greeting those who walk through the door, the first thing customers will notice are the fun decorations that really make the restaurant colorful and lively. Shelves with wooden animals lean against the wall, which are already cute upon first glance, but closer inspection reveals them to be lamps. These cute items not only fit in well with the atmosphere, but are also for sale for those who fall in love with the design.

Once seated, underneath a plastic heart lamp, the menu requires thorough reading, as there are pages of meals to choose from. If you’re familiar with Black Thai in Myrtle Beach, the menu is the same and provides small descriptions of each meal. There are also drink menus, with some specialty martinis and mixed drinks. Also ask for a drink list, which tells what beers and wines are available.

Naturally, most of the appetizers and meals are Thai, which means there are quite a few spicy dishes. However, Black Thai provides the option for different levels of spiciness. Consumers can also choose the type of meat they want for each dish, and vegetarians can stick with just veggies or tofu.

While waiting for the chefs to cook up some deliciousness, sides are brought out. For most dinners, the side is steamed jasmine rice (or brown rice for an added $1.99), and for the noodle dishes, a side of house soup and one fried dumpling. No matter what, it seems Black Thai is willing to accommodate the wishes of their patrons.

The lunch menu has many of the same meals as the dinner menu, just smaller with cheaper prices. Lunch ends at 3:30 p.m. during the week but is not available during the weekends. That said, the dinner prices are still decent, and the meals are packed with a surprising amount of food. Its version of Pad Thai, one of the most popular Thai dishes, is delectable with the spiciness perfectly juxtaposed with the crushed peanuts on top. (Those with allergies need to pay close attention when reading the menu.)

At this time, the Conway location of Black Thai is not serving the hibachi dishes that its Myrtle Beach counterpart does. Hopefully, there will still be plenty of options to whet your appetite and tingle your tongue.

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