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This historic Little River spot is perfect for those craving music, drinks and tasty food

Every night, vehicles driving past The Country Rooster store off U.S. 17 in Little River may also hear the muted beats of music and song. Red and blue with stars, the aptly named Star Tavern has been a beloved spot for live music in this northern part of the Grand Strand for years.

The wooden historic building has been the home of innumerous jam sessions, where beats and beers flow freely. At least a century old, if not older, the structure remains in good shape and taken care of, and still with character of an actual tavern. Naturally, The Star team has put their touches on the place, with paintings of famous musicians and album covers along the walls.

The Star Tavern is small although the bar has plenty of seats, and booths along the side for small parties to make use of. Toward the back, there is the “Love Shack” where diners go to enjoy a few games. At 7 p.m. daily, bands set up in the front and that’s when the tavern really comes to life.

Despite being known as a place for adults to come and enjoy a cool beverage while listening to live music, The Star Tavern has also settled plenty of grumbling stomachs. The Crab Bites, literally bite-sized crab cakes, are a very popular and tasty appetizer, and happen to be part of the Happy Hour $5 starters.

A decent array of finger foods take up the menu, plus sandwiches and hand-patted burgers which guests can customize. Fries and chips are typical sides, but for a meager upcharge, it can be changed to fresh vegetables, onion rings, fried okra, and more. Main entrees include southern dishes like pork chops and barbeque.

Having changed ownership in spring of this year, The Star Tavern has seen a few adjustments, mostly to the menu. This change continues to happen as new team members nail down what they want to keep and what food should be taken off. Their goal in mind is to shrink the selection but to improve the quality of what’s served.

As such, a few items currently listed on the menu aren’t available. However, the team members both front and back are doing the best they can at talking with their guests, asking opinions, and even keeping up with daily specials. The desire to improve and the effort they’re putting into it makes it easier to overlook inconveniences.

Nonetheless, The Star Tavern continues to shine brightly as a Little River spot for revelry. Earlier this month, the establishment hosted their first annual Blues Festival, so it’s obvious they have plenty of soul and plans for the future. There seems to be little doubt in anyone’s mind that The Star Tavern will continue to rock on.

If you go

What: The Star Tavern

Where: 4310 McCorsley Ave, Little River

Information:, 843-281-0685

Hours: 4 p.m. – 12 a.m. daily

Price: $3-8 starters, $7-14 entrees