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Basic food preservation class to be held in Brunswick County

If you’re thinking about “putting food up” as fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables come in this summer, this is a great time to learn more about the preservation process.

People have been preserving food for centuries in an effort to keep food from a time of plenty for a time of need. Trends in home preserving come and go, usually based on the economy. The last couple years have seen a return to basics with more people trying to beat the rising cost of food by growing and preserving at home.

If you’re new to food preservation or would like to get a “refresher” on your skills, the N.C. Cooperative Extension is offering a class on basic food preservation. Topics will include canning, freezing, making jams and jellies and pickles. The class will be held June 11 from 1-3:30 p.m. at the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce, 151 Poole Road, Suite #3 (near Waterford and Harris Teeter), Leland, N.C.

The class will be taught by Cheryle Jones Syracuse from the N.C. Cooperative Extension in Brunswick County. The registration fee is $20 per person, which includes all instruction and a copy of the University of Georgia Extension’s book “So Easy to Preserve” (sixth edition). The book is 388 pages and contains background material and recipes including canning, pickling and sweet spreads, freezing and drying. It is an essential up-to-date reference for those interested in preserving food.

To reserve a space, contact the N.C. Cooperative Extension at 910-253-2610. Pre-registration is requested.