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Kicks! Quicks | Newest Steak ’n Shake focuses on fresh, custom burgers

Steak ’n Shake has found the right balance between fast-food joint and restaurant.
Steak ’n Shake has found the right balance between fast-food joint and restaurant. For The Sun News

The newest addition of the Steak ’n Shake chain in Myrtle Beach has found the right balance between fast-food joint and restaurant. Now the third in the Grand Strand area, the Steak ’n Shake off U.S. 17 Bypass fits right in with its inexpensive meals and delicious shakes. Being biker friendly with a clean and vintage look doesn’t hurt either.

The restaurant has been around for more than eight decades, and it might seem surprising that there haven’t been more locations in Myrtle Beach. The other two are in the airport and near North Myrtle Beach at the Tanger Outlets, and consumers have flocked to the new location south of S.C. 544.

In bright red lettering above the counter, the company’s phrase reminds everyone who sees it: “In sight it must be right.” This refers to the original owner, when he would create the burger patties in front of customers using actual slices of different steaks (sirloin, round, etc.). Though they no longer ground the meat publicly anymore, the kitchen at this location is open and easy to look into for the curious. It was also bustling, even before peak hours.

Steakburgers and shakes, being the restaurant’s namesake, are the main attraction, and with good reason. Each burger is made fresh and completely customizable, so customers can get their sandwich loaded to the brim or simply a patty between buns. With toasted buns and a patty made of ground steak with whatever condiments you want, it’s easy to enjoy these burgers.

The shakes are also simple and delicious, and there is a large variety to choose from. Special and new shakes are well-advertised, but the classics remain a staple. Customers also have the option to have a shake instead of a drink with their meal.

The French fries come in different varieties as well, from plain to Cajun. The fries may not have come out as fresh as the burger, but the Parmesan and herb seasoning made them delicious and addicting nonetheless.

If the idea of a burger sounds boring, Steak ’n Shake also offers a few dishes to shake things up. Foot-long hotdogs, chili, even a taco salad are all available on the $4 and under menu. Don’t forget to try one of the melts, sandwiches or one of the specialty burgers, like the Philly cheese, jalapeno or guacamole.

Because the franchise prides itself on quality food, the preparation time during meal hours can be long — especially so for the drive-through. Though it is understandable, it can also be frustrating, but the good food at a good price can be worth the wait. So whether you dine in or get your food on the go, definitely give the newest local Steak ’n Shake a try, but perhaps not during rush hour.

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