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This Murrells Inlet restaurant isn’t just any old fish in the sea

The Whiskey Fish Sandwich at The Whiskey Fish in Murrells Inlet.
The Whiskey Fish Sandwich at The Whiskey Fish in Murrells Inlet. For The Sun News

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but none are quite like this. Down in Murrells Inlet and across from Suck Bang Blow is a young tavern called The Whiskey Fish. The restaurant has been around for almost a year and a half, consistently making ripples in the community with its events, Happy Hour deals and, of course, whiskey selection.

The building has housed a number of restaurants over the past years, with each tenant keeping the gorgeous oak tree and porch relatively unchanged. Likewise, The Whiskey Fish has changed little outside, letting its natural charm shine with the help of light fixtures and a full bar. When the weather is nice, no doubt many guests will want to enjoy their meal outside but should still head up the stairs to be acknowledged by a host.

Inside, the wooden floors and tin ceiling continue the rustic look but this eatery also has a modern feel. The bar is a sleek and eye-catching fixture and framed with dozens of backlit liquor bottles on shelves that line the wall.

A small chalkboard advertises daily and weekly specials that include food and libations. The menu is a mix of Southern goodness and upscale pub grub, with a smattering of seafood and pasta entrees. And while there is an array of options from simple bar food to more swanky meals, every menu item is made with the same care and quality ingredients.

For example, on The Whiskey Fish Sandwich comes a generous steak of Mahi Mahi that has obviously been grilled by knowledgeable hands, which is then topped with house whiskey barbeque sauce. Even the Loaded Pig Fries, which are a bar food through and through, are given thought and effort, especially noticeable in the delicious pulled pork and house barbeque sauce that smothers the fries.

Whiskey Fish bartenders have also paid close attention to their cocktails, using house-made syrups and fruit purees to bring their drinks to the next level. The restaurant’s selection of spirits is sure to raise the spirits of drink enthusiasts, particularly those with a palate that leans towards harder liquors. Whiskey flights are available, in which adults can experience rye and Irish styles.

Events are a regular occurrence here, from simple trivia nights and live music to larger happenings, including fundraising and community revelries. The Whiskey Fish has also been known to shut down for a night in order to host private events.

Whether The Whiskey Fish is doing a little or a lot, the team tackles it with whole heart. These fishes know what it means to work hard and play hard, and no doubt will continue to reel in customers from local waters and beyond.

If you go

What: The Whiskey Fish

Where: 3415 US-17 Bus., Murrells Inlet

Hours: 11 a.m. - 12 a.m. daily

Information:, 843-947-0805