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From China to Vietnam, this restaurant offers a variety of tasty Asian dishes

Pad Thai at Fortune Asian Bistro.
Pad Thai at Fortune Asian Bistro. For The Sun News

In the Village Shops at Grande Dunes, a young restaurant wants to take your taste buds on a journey by exploring meals from a variety of Asian cuisines. Though it’s been around for only a little over half a year, Fortune Asian Bistro has been making its presence known throughout the Grand Strand. Here, guests can enjoy a relaxed experience while trying any number of plates with influences from China to Vietnam.

Though the exterior matches the style of the development, inside Fortune has a sleek and urbane feel, complete with one bar for alcohol and another just for sushi. Korean pop music will often play in the background, and East Asian decor brings some color to the atmosphere. Japanese sake and beer are advertised along with the regular liquor selection, allowing adults to have a meal of entirely Asian foods.

Larger tables in the center of the dining area allow folks in parties of greater size to enjoy themselves, while booths and smaller tables fill the rest of the floor, with a few seating options outside as well. Once seated by the hostess, taking stock of the menu can begin. Soups and salads introduce the menu along with appetizers, then it continues on through rice and noodles dishes, all the way to Fortune’s extravagant sushi selection.

Spicy and dishes with raw food are indicated as such on the menu, and guests with a more delicate palate are free to indicate if they would prefer their meal with less heat. The Pad Thai and curry dishes, for instance, are flavorful with enough punch to make you sweat but can be adjusted per the customer’s request.

Hibachi and teriyaki platters are served with fried rice, vegetables, a small salad and a bowl of soup. Guests can order additional sides with these already large feasts for a few dollars more. Vegetarians have a number of meals available with tofu and fresh produce, and children have a few of their own selections to choose from. Fortune also provides ice cream in a variety of ways for dessert, including covered in mochi or fried.

Lunch options are available from opening until 3 p.m. and include hibachi meals, bento boxes and sushi deals. Later in the day, Happy Hour takes effect, with discounts on rolls and drinks. Fortune also offers daily specials and the occasional holiday deal. The restaurant has also been known to host events like their International Night, where guests could enjoy sushi and learn the basics of salsa dancing.

There is a lot for fans of the many cuisines of Asia to enjoy at Fortune Asian Bistro. Ultimately, a visit to this flourishing restaurant will feel like good fortune for anyone, thanks to the smiling service and especially the delicious array of meal choices.

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What: Fortune Asian Bistro

Where: 7937 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach

Hours: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Tue-Thu, 11 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. Fri-Sat, 12 p.m. - 10 p.m. Sun

Information:, 843-839-5889