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This restaurant’s popularity built on quality ingredients, service

The Live & Give Skillet at Sunny Side Up.
The Live & Give Skillet at Sunny Side Up. For The Sun News

The demand for breakfast on the Grand Strand is rather extraordinary, and correspondingly the supply is just as high. Nonetheless, the market doesn’t seem quite saturated yet, though your pancakes can be (with syrup, that is). Blueberry’s Grill celebrated the opening of its second location in Barefoot Landing last month, while its parent restaurant Sunny Side Up Grill in Little River remains a humble yet proud standard.

This breakfast bistro on Highway 17 was bought by Chef Evi years ago, and with hard work and a good understanding of the how restaurants function, his success has only continued to increase. Locals frequent Sunny Side Up not only for the bright and friendly atmosphere but for the warm buffet that allows guests to eat their fill.

Chef Evi and his team are dedicated to using quality ingredients, and this becomes evident in each meal. Sometimes this can mean customers may wait a tiny bit longer, especially for those who order off the menu instead of opting for the buffet, yet wait with the confidence of food arriving freshly prepared and steaming hot.

Having become an established and engaging part of the community, regulars can purchase their own paraphernalia, like their charming coffee mugs and latte cups. Even if guests do happen to take a piece of Sunny Side Up home with them, chances are they will still return for more.

Weekly specials, for instance, can have return visits always seeming fresh, just like the breakfasts served every morning. Chicken and waffles is an occasional star on the specials menu, while the following week will host the deliciously spicy chorizo benedict.

Sunny Side Up can keep meals simple and down to earth, with classics such as a stack of pancakes or eggs benedict, even biscuits and gravy. Breakfast lovers can also create their own omelet, though there are plenty already to choose from. Some meals have been taken up an extra notch, like the lamb omelet or the Live & Give skillet.

After 11 a.m., Sunny Side Up begins serving lunch as well, with an array of salads, soups and sandwiches to choose from. Ultimately, the first meal of the day remains a popular choice throughout the restaurant’s hours. And as seen in the growth of Chef Evi’s other venture, he and his team obviously know what a good breakfast looks like.

Sunny Side Up Grill has strived to prove that quantity doesn’t have to forgo quality, with a breakfast buffet that continues to impress. Menu options here are all winners, no matter what time of day it is. It’s easy to see that this welcoming and diligent team works to keep themselves and their customers on the sunny side of life.

If you go

What: Sunny Side Up Grill

Where: 801 U.S. 17, Little River

Hours: 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. daily

Information:, 843-280-6900