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This barbecue joint is a locals’ favorite because for good food at a good price

Fried flounder, chicken bog and fried okra at Prosser’s Bar-B-Que in Murrells Inlet.
Fried flounder, chicken bog and fried okra at Prosser’s Bar-B-Que in Murrells Inlet. For The Sun News

Most people tend to go fishing for seafood when along the Marshwalk, but there is much more to catch in this popular Murrells Inlet area than just creatures of the deep. If you’d simply rather fill up on good food for a good price without any fuss, Prosser’s Bar-B-Que remains an assured and humble answer.

Southern in charm and appearance, Prosser’s has been frequented by locals for decades, favored for the buffet spread that fills bellies both for breakfast and lunch. During the spring and summer seasons, the restaurant has also begun opening to serve dinner, so really dedicated fans could enjoy all three meals of the day in one place.

Though the wooden building is getting on in its years, the Prosser’s team makes sure to take care of it without losing the original rustic ambiance. In good company, dining here can feel like a traditional Southern meal with family you didn’t know you had.

Because of the buffet setting, after customers are seated at a table they tend to pop right back up and head to the food. Most of Prosser’s array of tasty Southern foods remains the same on a daily basis, but daily specials do have some guests dropping by on their favorite day. For instance, Monday’s special is fried frog legs while Thursdays have oysters.

Staples in the Prosser’s buffet line include part of what the restaurant is known for: barbecue. Carolina pulled pork, tender ribs, and barbeque wings are readily available, with a small array of sauces on the buffet bar for guests to choose from. To complete your perfect barbecue meal, try their baked beans, mac and cheese, and green beans.

The spread goes on to include delicious chicken bog, fried okra, pork chops, fried chicken, corn and still the list continues. Guests can also enjoy fresh greens at the salad bar or ignore the vegetables and go straight for the sweet treats. Cobblers are a popular dessert to scoop up, plus the restaurant’s banana pudding. Even the warm sweet potato soufflé can be considered a delicious dessert, and one with less guilt.

As if a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet wasn’t enough, Prosser’s is willing to cater events and bring their tasty menu items to you and yours.

Having been around for generations, many locals consider Prosser’s to be a family tradition, while other visitors like to drop in at least once when they’re in town. From morning to night, the hardworking folks at Prosser’s Bar-B-Que are happy to be a comfortable place for fans of Southern cuisine to come, well, pig out.

If you go

What: Prosser’s Bar-B-Que

Where: 3750 U.S. 17 Business, Murrells Inlet

Hours: 6:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Sun-Mon, 6:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. Tue-Sat

Information:, 843-357-6146