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This Grand Strand restaurant serves up treats from land, sea with a view few can beat

Filet's Roll at Filet's on the Water in North Myrtle Beach.
Filet's Roll at Filet's on the Water in North Myrtle Beach. For The Sun News

Everyone knows the Grand Strand is a traffic-heavy area, whether on wheels or water. For parties interested in seeing how the two types interact, and for some delicious fresh seafood, they can visit Filet's on the Water in North Myrtle Beach. Every so often, the soft dings of the swing bridge add to the restaurant’s soundtrack as it adjusts to allow tall boats' passage.

Water is visible from almost any spot in the building but especially on the wraparound deck, where friends can enjoy the outdoor bar, indulge in Happy Hour deals, and listen to live music. Inside, Filet's is quieter without the hum of passing boats and fans blowing, and houses another full bar in the comfort of air conditioning.

Given the name of the business, it comes as no surprise that the menu specializes in seafood and steaks, where all sorts of filets are involved. There is much more being done in the kitchen besides cutting up the meats, however, as the appetizing array of options goes on to include many types of shellfish, salads, and sushi.

Choices from the land starts off with stuffed portobello mushrooms and beef tips while delicious favorites such as coconut shrimp and crab cakes are part of the team representing the sea – and that’s just in the appetizers.

Soups and salads are the lighter meal options on the menu before being taken over by entrees. The different cuts of beef, once trimmed and cooked to customers' preference, can also be served with additional toppings like peppers and onions, grilled shrimp or a lobster tail for the ultimate surf and turf experience.

Despite these tender steaks being a tantalizing meal choice, Filet’s specialties are beloved by locals and tourists alike. The trigger fish, for instance, comes blackened and broiled, then topped with brie cheese and pecan garnish.

Fish can be enjoyed raw at Filet’s too, whether by itself, on rice or rolled with other fresh ingredients. Individual pieces of sashimi or nigiri are available for guests who want only their favorite, or those who like a bit of everything can try the sampling which always includes chef’s choice.

Classic rolls, including the California roll and spicy tuna roll, make up part of the list, but Filet’s has created a few rolls of their own. The Carolina roll, for instance, comes with pork belly and barbeque sauce, while the scrumptious Filet’s roll showcases the kitchen’s talent in both the land and sea.

Inside or out, surf or turf, this restaurant embraces it all. Cars pass on one side, boats on another, yet Filet’s on the Water remains unmoving in its dedication to delicious food.

If you go

What: Filet's on the Water

Where: 2120 Sea Mountain Hwy, North Myrtle Beach

Hours: 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. daily

Information:, 843-280-5200