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Pizzeli’s offers relaxed atmosphere with good food

By Emily Smith

For The Sun News

Many locals on the north end of the Grand Strand know where to go for some good Italian food in a friendly environment without breaking the bank. Pizzeli’s Italian Oven on U.S. 17 North just past Mineola Avenue has become a well-known restaurant in Little River in the nearly five years it’s been around.

Friends are frequently seen meeting up in the parking lot, business partners take their lunch break here, families get their fill of pizza, and all of this before noon. Even the bar sees its fair share of business early in the day, although of course the Pizzeli’s busiest hours are in the evening, when often a line leads out the doors.

Regulars like to check the daily specials before sitting down, which can range from a seafood dish like their blackened tuna or a pasta plate such as ravioli. Pizzeli’s also makes their soups daily, which guests can choose to have a cup of with their entrée or enjoy a bowl on its own. Naturally Italian Wedding Soup regularly makes an appearance, but their black eyed pea soup is not to be missed.

Pizzeli’s, as is expected, offers a nice selection of Italian dishes while also making it easy to enjoy American, from wings to burgers that come with a side of fries. Sandwiches and hoagies have their place, including Hot Italian and Veal Parm to remind guests where they are.

Guests who are ready to fix their pizza craving will find over 10 specialty pies to choose from. For the person with very specific tastes, Pizzeli’s is happy to bake a pizza to your specifications, in which you pay for each topping. The sizes range from personal to large, but even the pizzas meant for one person are of decent size.

In the same manner, customers can order a pasta meal with their own twist. Pizzeli’s will also prepare a calzone with ricotta and any other toppings the customer desires, or guests can stick with a Stromboli stuffed with ham, salami, pepperoni and mozzarella.

Just like their pizza sauce, Pizzeli’s makes the sauce for pastas, which includes creamy parmesan and marinara. Popular entrée choices include the baked ziti and parmigiana, yet people also regularly talk about the meals with seafood.

The angel hair pasta topped with mussels, clams, and shrimp, for instance, is paired perfectly with the tomato butter garlic sauce. All entrees come with a small loaf of freshly baked bread brushed with butter and garlic which is perfect for scooping up the last bits of delicious sauce.

While most guests prefer to enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant while catching up with their favorite servers, Pizzeli’s take-out service is kept busy as well. A relaxed atmosphere with good food for decent prices means Pizzeli’s fits right in with the community of Little River.

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What | Pizzeli’s Italian Oven

Where | 1698 U.S. 17, Little River

Hours | 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Mon-Sat, 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. Sun

Information |, 843-280-8880