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Mediterranean Bistro: Rich in quality Greek food

By Emily Smith

For The Sun News

Mediterranean Bistro
Mediterranean Bistro

At the corner of 62nd Avenue and U.S. 17 in Myrtle Beach sits an unassuming strip that neighbors a gas station. The parking lot seems to have constant activity, and it’s not just because of cars getting their fill. Mediterranean Bistro, 6104 Frontage Road, Myrtle Beach, is frequented by locals who know where to go on their lunch break for a fast meal that doesn’t skimp on quality.

This little eatery has been a part of the community for quite a few years now with delicious Greek food that continues to cause a buzz. Though the façade belies the interior, guests are always greeted by charming and clean décor, and an experienced team who are quick to smile.

Even early in the day, the bistro bustles but with an infectious cheer. The occasional slip up may occur and yet these also are met with laughter followed by prompt correction.

Because Mediterranean Bistro offers take out services, customers have the option to order at the counter. Otherwise they are encouraged to seat themselves and look over the menu, even consider the wine options offered. If you haven’t been distracted by the lovely paintings of Mediterranean island life, then you’ll certainly be drawn to the cooler filled with tempting desserts.

The menu won’t take too long to go over, particularly for those who have already dabbled in the tasty cuisine. Brief descriptions are provided nonetheless so customers always know what to expect. All the beloved dishes have their place, such as spanakopita and stuffed grape leaves with the appetizers, and mousaka and pastichio in the platters section.

Sandwiches are a popular choice, especially the gyro with its tender beef and lamb meat or chicken on toasted pita. The tzatziki sauce isn’t overwhelming either, so the sandwich had a flavorsome balance to it. Souvlaki can be made into a pita sandwich as well, and guests can even enjoy a vegetarian gyro with falafel.

The sandwiches come with chips and a pickle, but guests can upgrade to fries for an extra dollar. Platters on the other hand always come with some pita and either green beans or Greek salad. Many regulars also go for one of the salads or the bistro’s avgolemono (chicken lemon) soup.

Prices are quite reasonable at Mediterranean Bistro and most people find the portions to be generous. Given the relaxed atmosphere and simultaneous hustle, the restaurant’s experience is very evident. Coupled with delicious Greek food, this mom and pop shop will surely remain part of the Myrtle Beach family for many more years.

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What | Mediterranean Bistro

Where | 6104 Frontage Road

Hours | 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Information |, 843-945-1145