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Calli Baker’s opens its new location on the north Strand

By Emily Smith

For The Sun News

Calli Baker’s Firehouse Bar and Grill celebrated their Grand Opening early in January in their brand new building on Restaurant Row. In the fall of 2015, the restaurant closed their previous location outside the Myrtle Beach Mall and had been working steadily toward their goal.

Calli Baker’s has been a longtime favorite in the north end of Myrtle Beach and are known for their support of public safety. The team’s dedication is even more noticeable now, with the new building built to look like an actual firehouse, complete with a vintage firetruck.

Much of the menu remains the same, with Roll Call starting guests off with appetizers and the Health and Safety Division offering salads. They also have plenty of Firehouse Sandwiches and even Coast Guard Rescues, where seafood abounds. Pizza and barbeque finish the list, with the restaurant continuing to offer specials and events on a weekly basis.

The new Calli Baker’s is at 910 Arrowhead Road across from The Galleria. Their website,, and their social media page,, are still up and running. Every day the restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m. and closes at midnight, though those hours might run later on the weekends. Call 843-692-0788 to talk to an employee and find out more.

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