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Rockefellers has perfect atmosphere, great food

By Emily SMith

For The Sun News

Rockefellers Raw Bar
Rockefellers Raw Bar Emily Smith

Seafood is plentiful along the coast and Rockefellers in North Myrtle Beach has shown off their culinary skills for years along with the perfect seaside atmosphere. With the wooden plats on the exterior that have a washed look, the raw bar restaurant looks very much like a sea shack. Boat seats surround the bar and paintings of mermaids and sea life cover the inside, giving the eatery a vibrant personality.

Naturally, most guests come here to reel in the many seafood options, especially Rockefellers’ Infamous Steam Kettles. Shrimp, scallops, and clams are just some of the choices when it comes to kettles, along with different sauces. Old Bay and beer offer a classic seafood taste, but wine and garlic butter are tasty options as well.

Should guests be willing to pay an extra $2, the kettle can come with Alfredo sauce. Most of the kettles can also be served over pasta for another $2. Rockefellers does want customers to know, however, that they aren’t able to do substitutions when it comes to kettles.

Other popular choices are fresh fish-n-chips, shrimp-n-grits, or the Howie Hawaiian Tuna that is sweet and spicy. For something that’s easy to share, Rockefellers has pots of steamed lobster, crab, or an even bigger pot filled with all sorts of treasure like oysters, clams, and sausage.

Sandwiches, soups, salads, and even burgers fill up the rest of the menu. Platters come with seasonal vegetables or house made coleslaw, and a potato side like their fries or fresh chips. All the seafood can be fried, blackened, or broiled to perfection, like the flounder that flakes apart as fresh fish should.

Rockefellers offers Happy Hour from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. with $.55 oysters, bottled beer ranging between $2.75 and $3, and house liquor for $3. The restaurant also has specials that change regularly written on chalkboards inside.

This popular seafood restaurant sells gift cards and t-shirts in a range of sizes and colors for all their seafood addicts. Sports fans will also find something to enjoy with multiple screens always playing the biggest games.

Rockefellers is in a convenient location, just off of U.S. 17 and right down the road from the beach. However the parking lot can get crowded fast as evening rolls in, especially since they share a lot with Horst Gasthaus right behind it.

With lively atmosphere and fantastic seafood, Rockefellers has been a longtime favorite in the area. It is family friendly and a great place to enjoy with friends, even the landlubbers. Rockefellers has everything a restaurant needs to make guests feel like sailors.

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What | Rockefellers Raw Bar

Where | 3613 U.S. 17, North Myrtle Beach

Hours | 11:30 a.m. – 12 a.m. daily

Information |, 843-361-9677