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Wahlburgers offers variety of delicious options at its Broadway at the Beach location | Restaurant Review

By Emily Smith

For The Sun News

Even the biggest of names can remain grounded in reality and emphasize the importance of family, just what Wahlburgers strives to deliver. Those principles really shine in the restaurant’s dedication to quality food and service, which the new location in Broadway at the Beach is already working hard to achieve.

Though the familiar faces of the Wahlberg family are not far from sight no matter where you look in the restaurant, they want the star of the show to be the food. Chef Paul has enforced high standards for all locations, and the Myrtle Beach team is no different.

Every day, the buns are baked in house and the patties are from freshly ground meat then hand-patted into shape. Fresh greens are used for toppings and salads and locally sourced, when possible. Wahlburgers also makes 15 condiments in house, including barbeque sauce, tomato jam, and the popular Wahl sauce.

Burgers and sandwiches make up most of the menu, with little hearts next to the Wahlberg favorites. Guests can keep it simple with the Our Burger, Chef Paul’s favorite, which comes with tomato, lettuce, onion, and cheese plus house made pickles and Wahl sauce.

Other popular choices are Chef Paul’s versions of family recipes, such as Mom’s Sloppy Joe, Dad’s Basic Burger, or Alma’s Classic Macaroni. The O.F.D burger (“originally from Dorchestah”) is a call to the family’s origins and filled with grilled mushrooms, Swiss cheese, bacon, and their house made tomato jam.

Each burger is cooked to the customer’s preference, and both burgers and sandwiches can come on their gluten free bread or even without a bun but fresh tossed greens. Sides are purchased separately and include freshly fried tater tots, sweet potato tots, fries, or onion rings.

Wahlburgers also has a full bar with screens overhead, so friends of age can enjoy “Wahlcoctions” like the seasonal sangria or any adult frappes, which are both dessert and alcoholic beverage in one. The restaurant remains absolutely family friendly though, with a menu for the “Smahlburgs” (or the not-so-hungry adult) and more delicious sweets, such as the popular grilled banana fluffanutta.

The restaurant is a fast-casual burger joint with a gourmand’s focus on food. Guests can either sit down in the center of the restaurant to be served or use the counter to order and sit outside or upstairs. Wahlburgers also makes it easy for ordering food on the go, with containers that are easily transformed with a lid.

The Wahlberg name is big, and the family’s heart is even bigger. Despite their fame, or perhaps because of it, their devotion to each other is an obviously important part of the restaurant’s success. Along with good food in good company with a friendly atmosphere, Wahlburgers is easy to return to, big name or not.

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What | Wahlburgers

Where | 1320 Celebrity Circle

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Information |, 843-213-1254