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Beach Access Map for Litchfield Beach

About 30 minutes south of Myrtle Beach, the beaches of Litchfield Beach offer a natural beauty and a quiet, reserved setting that’s perfect for retirees or those looking to escape the crowds of its northern neighbors.

As part of the Waccamaw Neck, the area surrounding the beach has a village-like small community feel and the only hotel you’ll see near the beach is the expansive 4,500 acre Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort, located within the Litchfield by the Sea residential community.

For the most part the area offers secluded beaches and even a chance for some exploration of truly undeveloped land if you walk all the way south to the peninsula where Pawleys Island Creek and Midway Inlet combine to separate Lichfield from Pawleys.

In North Litchfield Beach you can get to the beach off of Parker Drive just north of Windover Street, at the end of Windover Street, at the end of Fairfield Street, between Fairfield and Exeter streets, at Seaview Loop, between Belvedere and Mariner streets, at the end of Mulberry Street, at the end of Eutaw Street, at the end of Media Street, at the end of Summertime Street and at the end of Loggerhead Street.

In Litchfield Beach there are beach access locations off Norris Drive, between Sundial Drive and Albert Lane, as well as at the end of Albert Lane, at the end of Mason Lane, at the end of Chesterfield Lane, and between Chesterfield and Lyman lanes.