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Magic Men Live founder talks starting the business ahead of July 20 House of Blues Myrtle Beach show

Looking to bring a little extra heat to your life this summer? You’re in luck! Magic Men Live will be performing at House of Blues Myrtle Beach on July 20.

Myles Hass, host, emcee and founder of Magic Men Live sat down with us to let us know how steamy the performance gets.

Hass’ uncle started a company in the adult party entertainment industry in 1989. When Hass started college, he told his father he would like to bartend to make some extra money. His father thought it was a better idea for him to work for his uncle’s company and that is where it all began.

Hass worked for his uncle’s company for a few years and learned the business. He also began seeing flaws in the industry.

He began developing Magic Men to fix those flaws. “Giving it more structure, more professionalism and guidelines,”Hass said, “Instead of guys going out and free balling it, no pun intended.”

Magic Men began when a radio station hosted a ladies night including the performers where entry had to be won. They gave out 200 tickets. On the night of the event over 400 women showed up. Hass was on to something exciting.

After a few years of performing and developing concepts, Magic Men hit the road. Selling out over 90 percent of the time, they were 12 guys in three cars driving from state to state to perform.

“I brought on a production manager, started building on the team and really developing the show.” Hass said, “I spent every waking moment of my life working on it and it just transformed into what it is now which is a full concert production.”

Magic Men now perform upwards of 150 shows a year in over 100 cities.

“There’s nothing like being on stage and performing”, Hass said, “It’s an escape for us as well, from reality, from everything.”

With fans ranging from 18-85 years old, there’s something for everyone. “Grandma has a hidden devious side to her,” said Hass of the older fan base, “And she can be a lot of fun.”

“She’s an elderly woman and she seemed so sweet and innocent, so harmless” Hass said of one of the craziest fan moments he experienced. This fan was brought up to the stage with everyone cheering for her. She then climbed on top of Hass and straddled him in front of the crowd. “She stole the show.” Said Hass, “I was speechless.”

When picking the best seat in the house, Hass gives the advice, “Nobody is safe!” With so much interaction between the performers and audience, there is not a bad seat in the house. “Even if you’re up in the balcony”, Hass said, “They’ll find a way to go up there.”

“I’m very proud of it and excited for what’s going to come because I know we can go even crazier, even bigger,” Hass said. “I just want to make it the best, craziest experience I possibly can and so far it’s gotten nothing but that type of response. “