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7 songs for Saturday at the 2017 Carolina Country Music Fest

If this were the Kentucky Derby, we’d bet that Kevin MaC would be in the trifecta of artists to steal the show. His demographic best matches the CCMF listening demographic. Expect hip hop, classic rock and country to collide (and give Dee Jay Silver a run for his money) when Kevin MaC hits the stage. Here’s a taste:

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This area loves the Davisson Brothers so it’s no surprise these guys will hit the stage. They bring their mountain sound to the main CCMF stage. Check out their song “Jesse James:”

If we didn’t include these guys, we’d feel the wrath of young CCMF fans who went berzerk when “Love & Theft” was announced as artists coming this year. Check out “Runaway” to get a sense of what they sing.

Chris Lane is another local favorite, and we think it’s because he visited our area several times. When his hit “Fix” was No. 1, Lane honored a free show at The Boathouse, and he did not disappoint.

Raise your boot, and expect to see a bunch in the air for Granger Smith. “If the Boot Fits” is one of his hits, and it’s customary to raise one of your boots when he sings this hit.

Lee Brice’s “Parking Lot Party” has become one of the top outdoor partying songs of this decade. It’ll sure be a hit at CCMF.

Picking one Kenny Chesney hit for this list is like picking a wedding song for your great-great grandkids — it’s incredibly hard. If we picked “Summertime” or “Bar at the End of the World,” people would ask about “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” or “Big Star.” So, we’ll go with “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem,” because we think it’s the most universally known way of life — especially being oceanside to see Kenny!