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6 ways to do Myrtle Beach on the cheap

Ways to save money in Myrtle Beach, SC
Ways to save money in Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach has long been an affordable destination for families. As locals, we’ve found ways to make it even more affordable for visitors and locals like.

Here is an ever-growing list of ways to save money when visiting Myrtle Beach.

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Cheaper flight tickets

Two of the biggest airlines that serve Myrtle Beach, Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air, have cheaper flight tickets when booked at the counter in any airport. For instance, a roundtrip ticket from Myrtle Beach Airport to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport runs between $40 and $60 cheaper on Spirit Airlines when booked at the customer service counter. Same goes for Allegiant.

So next time you fly Allegiant to Myrtle Beach from the following cities: Allentown Pa., Cleveland, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Covington, Kentucky, Clarksburg, West Virginia, Columbus, Ohio, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Harrisburg, Penn., Huntington/Ashland West Virginia, Indianapolis, Indiana, Lexington, Kentucky, New York, N.Y., Pittsburgh, Penn., Syracuse, N.Y., or Youngstown/Warren, Ohio, make sure to buy your ticket at the counter.

Same goes for those who fly to Myrtle Beach on Spirit from the following cities: Akron/Canton, Ohio, Atlantic City, New  Jersey, Baltimore/Washington, Boston, Mass., Charleston, West Virginia, Chicago, Ill., Cleveland, Ohio, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Detroit, Michigan, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Hartford, Conn., Latrobe Penn., New York LaGuardia, Niagara Falls, N.Y., Philadelphia, Pa., or Plattsburgh, N.Y.

Traveling with senior citizens? Check out this list of discounts for seniors in Myrtle Beach.

Split shots

A little know fact that tourists don’t know much about is splitting shots.

Let’s say you’re with a friend and you both drink the same liquor. Ask the bartender for “one, two ways,” which means one shot split among two shot glasses. That way, you get the taste of the liquor, but only half of the price for two shots.

**BONUS ALCOHOL NOTE: Over-the-counter liquor sales in South Carolina end every Monday-Saturday night at 7 p.m., and do not sell over-the-counter liquor on Sundays. (You can still buy liquor and beer from bars all week long.) If you’re craving liquor badly, a trip to North Carolina will buy your two more hours Monday through Saturday.

Free Parking

People always seem to be looking for an affordable place to park to spend some time at the ocean. Though developers and the city are working to build and clean the area up, 17th Avenue South between Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway. The city meters are removed (as of the writing of this entry), and the beaches in that area are usually pretty clear. So, if you’re not wanting to drop a dime on parking, find streets like 17th Avenue South.

Senior Discounts

We’ve taken a nationwide list of discounts and cut out the businesses that are not in the Grand Strand region. Check out the discounts and call ahead to these places to make sure the discount is still applicable.

Carolina Discounts

Ask the people at the attraction, amusement or restaurant you are at if they give a Carolina Discount. Ripley’s will have Carolina Days, but it never hurts to ask.

Discount Websites

Before you head out, it’s always a good idea to check out sites like DealSaver – Myrtle Beach and Groupon – Myrtle Beach.