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Pelicans GM Andy Milovich talks stadium experience and the best baseball movie ever made

For the sixth consecutive year, Field has ranked in the top 50 stadium experiences in all of sports.

As if winning the Mills Cup in back-to-back campaigns wasn’t enough, the Pelicans continue to outshine sports stadiums all over the country, providing a fan experience that is unmatched in so many other areas.

We asked Milovich and others: What would be your walk-up song?

Pelicans General Manager Andy Milovich attributes the success to one simple thing.

“If you could really focus on one thing, it’s, we’re having fun,” Milovich said. “We set a goal as a staff to have the most fun in minor league baseball.”

Fun certainly must be the key. With numerous promotions throughout the season, as well as a light atmosphere filled with baseball-loving fans, it’s hard to have a bad time watching the Pelicans play nine innings.

Check out the video above to find out Milovich’s favorite part of the stadium and his take on the best baseball movie of all time (HINT:  It isn’t “Summer Catch“).