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Shark Wake Park brings cable wakeboarding to North Myrtle Beach SC

Shark Wake Park in North Myrtle Beach is home to the only cable wakeboarding park in the area.

Cable wakeboarding uses a cable system to pull the rider across the water, making it easier for jumps and tricks to be achieved.

“We offer cable wakeboarding for every level of experience,” said Jeff Trudeau, General Manager of the park. “If you’ve never done it before, we teach you how to do it.”

The park has a seven carrier system, meaning that seven people can be on the water at once.

The big question is, of course, how is cable wakeboarding different than regular wakeboarding?

“The cables a great tool to be better on the boat,” said Trudeau. “The boat is almost like fine dining, it’s you and the boat. When you fall the boat comes around and gets you. The cables are more like the lunch line. Everybody’s going to get the same serving but everybody’s riding at the same time.”

Cable wakeboarding is a great way to learn how to wakeboard, while also learning to do tricks and to use the ramps.

“Everyone learns at their own pace,” said assistant manager and pro wakeboarder Adam Errington. “And the best thing about cable wakeboarding is it’s kind of like your own playground. You can go out there and make it how you want it and do what you want.”