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Hotels with Water Parks in the Myrtle Beach SC area

You pack the car up, you hit the road, and after a long drive you pull into the hotel.  What’s the first thing the kids want to do?

The pool, of course.

Today we look at hotels on the Grand Strand that go above and beyond for your aquatic entertainment needs, by featuring water parks, wave pools, and more.

Now of course you’re going to have your big boys like Myrtle Waves and Wild water & Wheels, but often times you don’t want to fight the crowds or the Grand Strand traffic, so you want to stay close to the resort.  That’s where hotel water parks come in handy.

The following five resorts are some of the best the beach has to offer in chlorinated fun.


Ocean Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach is a fantastic resort to begin with, but throw in Shipwreck Water Park and you have a fine time ahead of you.

At Shipwreck Water Park your children can pirate the seven seas as their imagination runs wild. Giant tiki men stand guard over Ocean Reef’s adventure-filled water park warding off intruders. You can salvage sunken treasure left behind the sinking ship, and beware of the sea serpent. Race down the Lagoon Lunge to escape the brig. There is adventure every step of the way.

The park features the “Lagoon Launcher,” where you can watch your children as they make their way down Ocean Reef’s newest slide and various adventures, while you lay out in the sun or relax in the shade, and don’t miss the all-new “Kiddie Water Park” section as well.


Compass Cove spared no expense when it came to making sure their guests were having fun when not in their rooms.  And taking into consideration that the average temperature in Myrtle Beach during the summer usually hits triple digits, the water park section was incredibly crucial.

Related contentCompass Cove’s water amenities are a hit with guests young and old alike. The resort features two slides, the “Compass Cruiser” and the “Schooner Screamer” where you can sit back, relax and race all the way down to the pool.

Feeling a little more lazy?  Well you’re on vacation, why shouldn’t you?  Compass Cove didn’t

settle with just one lazy river, nor did they stop at two. Choose from three rivers (looking at you Pittsburghians) Cove’s fully outdoor Schooner lazy river, their fully indoor Schooner lazy river, or their half inside and half outside lazy river located on the Pinnacle pool deck.

Compass Cove also has five different Kiddie Pools located throughout property. The “Silly Submarine” is the ultimate water playground for kids! Complete with splash buckets, squirters, mushroom waterfall, and a kid’s size submarine.


Long Bay’s newest addition is their “Silly Sub Water Park”, where your children’s faces will light up when they see the thrills the has to offer. Parents can relax in the sun or recline from the shade while watching their kids play.

Twist and turn down Long Bay’s three-story waterslide. All ages will have hours of fun racing down into the silly sub water park.

Squeals of laughter will be heard from the kids as buckets randomly splash water onto tiny heads and a serpent hisses an endless spray to the enchantment of the young ones. Climbing in and out of the submarine will provide hours of amusement for the children, to the delight of their parents.


The Caribbean Resort has a wide variety of water amenities when you need a change of pace from the beautiful beach. You can zip down the Pirate’s Plunge, navigate your own underwater adventure in the Silly Submarine, and have the current take you for a ride in either of their lazy rivers, or just take in the sun on the pool deck, plus much more.

The resort’s oceanfront water park is sure to excite the kids. Enjoy fun in the sun with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean views without the mess of the sand. Make sure you come for the summer, because it’s available in season only.

The kids will have tons of fun as they twist and turn down the Pirate’s Plunge waterslide. It’s not just for the kids, mom and dad can take the plunge too. Laughs and giggles will be all you hear as the kids splash and play in Caribbean’s Silly Submarine, and for those slow-miving types, the 200 foot outdoor oceanfront lazy river is the perfect place to relax and let the tension slowly slip away.


The water attractions at The Breakers are unmatched. With over 19 pools along one of the largest oceanfront pool decks on the Grand Strand, take a dip, catch some rays and enjoy.

The oceanfront pool deck stretches across one of the longest spans of white sandy beach in the area and across 5 towers. It consists of countless lounging areas for tanning and taking in the view as well as 8 outdoor pools and 4 outdoor Jacuzzis.

If it gets too hot for you, escape the warm sun and enjoy one of Breakers’ many indoor water attractions.

Winding 418 feet around the pool area is the Lazy River. Relax as you just lay back and float along enjoying the smells, sounds and views of your vacation!

In 2016, The Breakers Resort introduced an exciting new water feature on the oceanfront pool deck. Kids now enjoy new exciting waterslides, water cannons and interactive water features.

Whether you’re coming to Myrtle Beach to relax, to find adventure, or just to try something different, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

The five resorts we explored today are just the tip of the iceberg, as the Grand Strand offers several other resorts and hotels with water parks and water features that are sure to show the whole family a great time.