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Pirates Voyage celebrates its fifth anniversary on the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach SC

In 2010, after 18 years of entertaining millions of Myrtle Beach residents and visitors, the Dixie Stampede closed its doors to make way for an all-new adventure, “Pirates Voyage,” which celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2016.

“The Most Fun Place to Eat in Myrtle Beach” has entertained excited visitors since June 2011 and continues to grow more and more popular.

“The initial expectations were, we wanted to introduce this new story to the market.  And to provide an opportunity for families to really discover a new adventure. There were humble goals, to be able to have a successful show, to be able to do the things that we really wanted to accomplish to be able to tell that story, to be able to have families that would enjoy what it is that we’re telling, and now, we have some loftier goals,” said Pete Owens, Director of Communications for Pirates Voyage.

“The show is very very popular, and guests love the it; they love the action, they love the food.  It’s a great combination for families and the success of the show has really shown itself in the last five years.”

The adventure begins with a pre-show where all all guests participate in a sing-along with the pirates, enjoy the various talents of pirate performers, and sample a number of delicious beverages and snacks.

Once the main show begins, visitors join either the sapphire or crimson teams on a spirited search for Davy Jones’ treasure. During the show, witness an epic battle featuring sword-fighting pirates, blazing cannons and pirates swinging from ship to ship searching for the sunken treasure.

Keep your eyes open for magical mermaids and incredibly talented aerialists. The show also features diving dogs, sea lions and tropical birds as well.

As amazing as the show is, the best part of the whole experience might be the food. Guests are served a fabulous four-course pirate feast straight from the galley beginning with creamy vegetable soup and buccaneer bread, followed by chicken, pulled barbeque pork, corn on the cob, and an herb-basted potato. Save room for desert when they bring out the apple pie, and unlimited Pepsi products, tea or coffee complete the meal. Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are available by request.

Show times and reservations are available by calling 1.800.433.4401 or visiting