Things To Do rental business exits Myrtle Beach market after two months

The existence of golf club rental company in the Myrtle Beach market was short-lived.

With only a handful of bookings in its first two months on the Grand Strand – two of the busiest months of the year for golf courses – the company is pulling out of the market. had 20 full sets of new TaylorMade and Callaway clubs available in the market and had hired two Myrtle Beach residents to deliver them on a storage and commission basis.

“It’s just been dead,” said ClubstoHire chief executive officer and co-founder Tony Judge from his home in Dublin, Ireland. “We’ve only had a handful of bookings so we have 20 sets sitting there.

“I’m pretty disappointed, but there’s no point in having the sets sitting there, particularly when we’re under pressure in Europe.”

ClubstoHire rents high-end golf clubs with requested specifications for a flat fee of $80 per week, and they are delivered and picked up at locations and times determined by the renter. The company was created in 2010 and is active in approximately 30 locations worldwide, and Judge said the company is thriving in Europe, where some locations have done tens of thousands of rentals.

“I am surprised. I’m very surprised,” Judge said of the lack of business in Myrtle Beach. “Generally when we would open in a location in Europe, it picks up very quickly. But the whole concept is understood a little bit more in Europe.

“You could spend half a million dollars trying to educate the market there, for the moment we don’t feel it’s the way to go. We may revisit this. We’re looking at other ideas. But for the moment we’re going to pull the stock out of there.”

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