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CCU hoping to secure The Dunes Club for Hackler Championship in 2017 and beyond

With demand to play in the General Hackler Championship college golf tournament expected to increase among the top men’s programs in the region and nation, host Coastal Carolina now hopes to secure its coveted location for a few years.

The tournament was held at the TPC Myrtle Beach for the bulk of its first 13 years and moved to The Dunes Club last year, where it was held for a second year on Saturday and Sunday, and where Coastal Carolina men’s golf coach Kevin McPherson would like to keep it.

Coastal Carolina would love to have a long-term commitment from The Dunes Club to host the tournament and establish consistent weekend dates in March.

The Dunes Club, which is member-owned, has a protocol for hosting events.

The club’s golf committee will meet Tuesday and discuss the tournament, and it will then have to recommend hosting the tournament to the club’s board of directors, which should make a decision on the 2017 event sometime in April.

“I think it’s wonderful exposure for The Dunes Club,” said Brian Harsha, chairman of The Dunes Club golf committee. “The committee is going to give strong consideration to it. It’s a very quality event honoring a great man and we’ve had nothing but positive comments about it, so I’m sure the board will take it under consideration.”

Nearly half of the amateur participants in the college-am that preceded the tournament on Friday were club members, and member rounds were available Sunday afternoon following the college tee times. So members were excluded from playing only on Saturday.

The earlier The Dunes Club’s decision comes the better for McPherson, as college teams are already solidifying their schedules for 2016-17 in many cases.

“We tell everybody to save the dates with this being a possibility and just wait to get a call from us,” McPherson said. “I think if we can have it on the weekend we can have one of the best fields in the country.”

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